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The French Bulldog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

The French Bulldog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet


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Adorable! Spelled the same in French and English, this word sums up the petite French Bulldog. Similar in build to the very popular Pug, the French Bulldog is a roly-poly lotta-lovin' dog -- avec un attitude! While still ranked in the middle of the AKC registrations list at #76, the Frenchie is becoming tres popular.

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Comprehensive and easy to follow.

This is a great book for any Frenchie owner. Unlike some books which claim to be breed specific but aren't this book contains lots of information on French Bulldogs. It covers housebreaking, Feeding, Grooming, Health and so much more. There are lots of great photos as well. I got this book shortly before getting my Frenchie, and it was so helpful. It's written in a way that someone new to the breed like me, or someone that is intreseted in a pet rather then a showdog can understand. This is a book written by a true Frenchie lover, for Frenchie lovers and newbies.


I have read and reread this book numerous times. I have owned Frenchies for nearly ten years and this is hands down the single best overall basics on the breed. The author presents important information in an engaging, straight forward manner and is a world renowned expert in Frenchies. If you are considering a frenchie or have recently added one to your family, this book will be an invaluable resource.

Great Book For Anyone Considering A French Bulldog

I bought this book when we were leaning towards getting a French Bulldog and wanted more in-depth information. The author is a well-respected breeder of Frenchies with many years of experience. She knows what she is talking about first-hand. This is a great book for anyone considering adding a Frenchie to their family. It is full of all the information you need without excessive information that would overwhelm someone trying to decide if this is the right breed for them. Read this book and you will be well prepared for your flat-faced family member on arrival!

Read this before you get a French Bulldog!

This is definitely a must-have for anyone interested in French Bulldogs. It is invaluable for anyone new to the breed, explaining all of the concerns associated with owning a "frenchie". (It is especially good for the first-time dog owner, going over all of the basics of raising and caring for a puppy). It's also loaded with great photos, so if you're a frenchie-lover, buy this book!

The French Bulldog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

This is truly a must for anyone interested in French Bulldogs, especially newcomers to the breed! In the author's presentation, she made it evident about how much fun Frenchies are, but spelled out all of the concerns an owner should have. Great subject matter and coverage, but concise and simply stated! The last part needed to be directed more toward the French Bulldog, not just a generic application. This section did not take anything away from the book as a whole. I will use my copy to read and to share with others that are new to the world of French Bulldogs! This book is well worth the reasonable cost!

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