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The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide

ISBN: 0782144314

Language: English

Publisher: Sybex

Lowest Price: $4.33

The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide


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Clear, expert advice for PC users of every stripe no matter how you use your PC - as a business tool, an entertainment center, or an Internet on-ramp - this latest edition of "The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide" has you covered. Inside, you'll find the clear, expert advice on maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting for which this book is famous. It's all updated to cover the latest technologies and guaranteed to help you extend the life and power of your PC. You also get targeted instruction on a wide range of entertainment upgrades - ways to enhance your enjoyment of music, photo, movies, and more. Coverage includes: preventing hardware disasters; upgrading memory; replacing power supplies; partitioning drives using NTFS and FAT32; solving data backup challenges; protecting your PC from viruses, worms, and spyware; adding SCSI cards and drives; installing DVDs, CD-ROMs, and EIDE and Serial ATA hard drives; troubleshooting printers and scanners; installing communications devices; resolving mouse and keyboard problems; installing video and sound cards; tackling networking issues, both wired and wireless; troubleshooting Internet connectivity; solving laptop problems; capturing and editing video; managing music and image files; watching movies on DVD; and, getting the most out of new storage and networking technologies.

Customer Reviews of The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide

Good book for a student...

I bought this book to use in my Computer Hardware class in college. It helped to elevate my knowledge of computers and I found it to be a useful tool for reference. This book is a good place to start if wanting to learn about computer hardware.

In the spirit of fairness ...

.. I felt I should counter the gloomy write-ups I've found here. One frequent complaint is that there's too much old info.

Hmm ... how does this aspect ("current-ness") compare with other books on the same subject? i.e. how quickly can the writers/publishers of computer books include current facts and get their books to market before those facts are outdated?

In '98, I'd bought the text by Michael Meyers (and bought the Minasi one a year or two later). I remember Michael Meyers saying that it was necessary (or at least useful) to know how PCs came to be the way they are today .. what bits & pieces in them they once had, and how those have been improved to make for a more & more capable PC. Other texts on PC Hardware also see fit to start out with such a development time-line.

If complaints about the oldness of the info go beyond the need for a historical base, then I offer no defense. No doubt, the smart buyer will browse & compare with other books.

But be sure to note Mark Minasi's easy writing style. It makes for relaxed (if not enjoyable) reading, without short-changing on some really usable stuff you might learn.

And one good answer to the outdated info we tend to find in even the latest computer texts is to subscribe to a good magazine.

Good information for the fledgling technophile!

Minasi has created a book that spans the development of PC technology. Without a foundation in the history of computer technology, current hardware and software issues would have no meaning.I found the book easy to read, easy to understand and more importantly easy to use as a reference book for computer problems. As computer technology is developing and changing at a rapid rate, books on the subject will be out of date by the time they leave the publishers. This book will endure for several years as an excellent source of computer related information.

clear instructions

Sybex and the authors have updated this long running and successful text with the 16th edition. The rapid changes in personal computer hardware mean that you might want to consider getting this book for its comprehensive advice of a wide range of hardware items.

I should say that even with the changes in this industry, if you have the 14th or 15th editions, you may well want to stick with those. Not everything changes between consecutive editions, and those still hold considerable relevance.

The book's remit extends across a broad range of hardware. Not just items that might be directly plugged into your computer. For example, there is discussion about routers for your local network. Where these might be wired or wireless devices.

Typically, across all the hardware they describe, there is enough information to be able to install that hardware, even without the manufacturers' instructions. Sometimes, the book's instructions may even be clearer!


I have been looking forward to the release of Minasi's 12th ed. and I was not disappointed! I found it to move way beyond just "the basics". If you take the time to read this book from cover to cover you will not have many pc questions that go unanswered. This book does a great job of introducing you to the basics while guiding you into the more advanced areas of pcs. The way the info in the book is sectioned makes it very easy to reference back to quickly. Wether you have never touched a computer before or have many hours into pc repairs, this book will help. I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in learning about pcs.

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