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Stedman's Medical Dictionary

ISBN: 0683079174

Language: English

Publisher: Williams & Wilkins

Lowest Price: $3.59

Stedman's Medical Dictionary


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This portable dictionary of core medical and allied health language, intended to be of use to students and practitioners in allied health, contains approximately 40,000 terms and 157 full-colour illustrations.

Customer Reviews of Stedman's Medical Dictionary

A reference that speaks to the professional and the layman

As an individual who suffers from the effects of ALS I needed a quality reference volume to lead me through the vast amount of terminology I encountered. After reviewing all of the major titles available I settled on Stedman's because it is ehaustive in its treatment but still clear and consice. While by know means possesing the understanding of a medical professional I feel a need to stay current on all of the research and treatment developments for my condition. Steadman's has helped a great deal in explaining and demystifying complex terminology and procedures. I highly reccommend this for anyone with a serious illness who wants answers to complex medical terminology in an easy to understand form


This is a comprehensive, medical dictionary that is well organized and cross-referenced. Its use is made more interesting by the inclusion of etymologies. It is not, however, for doctors only. This veritable treasure trove of information is also a boon to lawyers. All who use it, however, should read the user's guide that is included with the book, in order to maximize its value.

The only medical dictionary you will ever need.

Having just started my medical studies I was looking for a complete dictionary to meet my demand for a comprehensive and "easy-to-use" book to guide my among the vast and sometimes difficult medical language. I found quickly that Stedman's had everything i could ever ask for in a medical dictionary. It's up to date in current research and also has many entries for termonology of old. The book is very comprehensive and detailed and even surpassed my dictionary of organic chemistry when I studied the subject.

What I especially apriciate with this book is it's pedagogical illustrations and a passage with "building-blocks of the medical language" wich has been a great help for me in understanding and memorizing medical terms.

During my studies I have compared my dictionary with many other medical dictonaries and have found that Stedman's remains my first choise by far!

a long-time standard biomedical reference book

Stedman's is a great reference book with lots of up-to-date information. It's a necessity for anyone involved in any of the branches of biomedicine or the allied health professions.

The only disappointment is the accompanying CD. It is really worthless. It contains artwork and images that are mostly low resolution and add little of value to the written text. If the publishers want to give readers a useful CD or set of CDs, then provide a precis' with as much detail as possible from the entire printed volume in PDF format that can be loaded onto a PC or add some informative animations. But forget about the fuzzy still images.

Kendra's Review

This is an excellent book. The book is a good source for medical terms and their meanings. There are also nice color illustrations as well. The book also contained a CD-ROM which included a spellchecker and additional images. I highly recommend this book if you are planning to take any medical courses.

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