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Spit Delaney's Island: Selected Stories (New Canadian Library)

ISBN: 0771098707

Language: English

Publisher: New Canadian Library

Spit Delaney's Island: Selected Stories (New Canadian Library)


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Spit Delaney’s Island is Vancouver Island, and its settings – the lush green forests, the pulp mills, the all-encompassing sea, and the ferries crossing to the mainland – permeate this stunning collection of short fiction. Opening and closing with stories about Spit Delaney himself, the operator of Old Number One steam locomotive in the local mill, the volume travels between the harsh world of its people’s reality and the comforts of their fantasies.Humane and compassionate, Spit Delaney’s Island, the first collection of fiction from Jack Hodgins, established him as a writer of extraordinary imagination and dazzling humour.

5.00 stars - 1 reviews
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Customer Reviews of Spit Delaney's Island: Selected Stories (New Canadian Library)

Jack Hodgins' Island

Okay, first off, I stole the title of my review. It was the title of a piece that Canada's National Film Board made about Jack Hodgins and his work, particularly Spit Delaney's Island.

One of the most important measures of a book is whether you understand and care about the characters. By the time you finish Spit Delaney's Island, you will feel like you know the folks who inhabit the stories, and you will be saddened by their tragedies and overjoyed by their triumphs. Hodgins peoples his stories with characters that could have come from your own life, or at least that you will wish did.

The stories in this volume, and indeed much of Hodgins' work, are set on the section of Vancouver Island where the author grew up. Their stories rise organically through Hodgins clear, exquisite prose. These are not loud stories, but they resonate with the strength of precise observation and the wonderful talent to tell a tale in which the reader cannot help but empathize with and indeed root for the characters.

If you enjoy this book, you should also check out the Barclay Family Theatre, and selection of stories by Hodgins.

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