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Sleep in the Woods

Sleep in the Woods


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New Zealand, fertile and undeveloped, was also a place where rigid Victorian class distinctions could be forgotten, where the most eligible and most sought after bachelor in Wellington proposed to a servant girl because he admired the arrogant slimness of her body and the spirit that made her confident she would be a good wife to him, although she would not pretend she was in love. So it was that Briar went to live with Saul Whitmore in his beautiful house in the heart of Maori country.

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This is the first Dorothy Eden book I read and it is still my favourite. The heroine is not the sweet, sugary kind that is usually depicted in these sort of books. Rather she has lived a hard life and is looking for a way out. However, the man that she is eyeing has been hooked by someone else - enter the no-nonsence hero who is physically attracted to her body and admires her spirit but has qualms about her single-minded pursuit of her objectives. How they adjust to married life and life in the wilds of NZ - as it was then - is an exciting read. BTW the hero and heroine remind me a little of Scarlett O Hara and Rhett Butler!

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