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Professional Web Graphics

ISBN: 061903470X

Language: English

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Professional Web Graphics


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Learn how to implement professionally looking graphics into Web sites and turn static looking interfaces into attractive professional Web pages. Focus on the end goals of a Web project first then implement Web graphics using PhotoShop and ImageReady. Through practical exercises and projects, individuals learn how to produce a successful Web project in the real world. After completing this book users will have the knowledge base needed to succeed as Web graphic artists and developers.

Customer Reviews of Professional Web Graphics

Just Right

This is a rare book in that it actually teaches how to make images for Web pages, as opposed to just showing different cool Photoshop effects. Most graphics books go through the different features of popular image software, but leave you to figure out how to apply that information in making cool sites. This book focuses on the end product and includes exercisies to give practice. Although it is a textbook, the style is not academic. The situations and examples are all from real-world environments that you might find yourself if you created Web graphics for a living. I would have liked to have seen more on vector software such as Illustrator and Flash, but that minor issue doesn't diminish the value of the book. Side note: The table of contents that Amazon lists book does not match what is actually in the book.

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