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Paris Then and Now (Then & Now)

ISBN: 1592231365

Language: English

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press

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Paris Then and Now (Then & Now)


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Celebrating beloved cities from around the world, this book on the City of Lights offers a unique combination of historic interest and contemporary beauty. Then and Now Paris features over 100 fascinating archival photographs contrasted with specially commissioned, full-color images of the same scene today. Each work is a visual lesson in the historic changes of this amazingly beautiful and wonderful urban landscape.

Customer Reviews of Paris Then and Now (Then & Now)

Great deal

Excellent book for less than $10. Received it in better condition than expected, and on time.

We know these places

Anyone who has come to know and love central Paris--the 'theme park' areas that capture its historical essence--will find this book charmingly evocative. In the sense of being able to revisit those places, many of them typical tourist attractions, the book is satisfying. The problem of not duplicating the precise angle and POV of the original 'then' photographs, raised by another reviewer, is relatively trivial and technical. The 'now' shots capture their subjects well. No photographer will 'see' a scene, place or person the same way and from an aesthetic standpoint the 'now' photos are satisfying and professionally executed, and book production is first rate.
If one had to carp, and that's what a review is for in part, one might wonder why the authors did not take the opportunity to broaden their canvases slightly to include 'then' paintings--such as the paintings executed from the balloon's-eye view conceived during the 1871 siege of the city (able to be seen today at the brilliant Le Bourget Musee de L'Air et de L'Espace) vs. 'now' photographs, for example to illustrate the notable Peripherique, and to compare previously fallow pieces of the city 'then' vs. their current situations, such as, for example, the stunning La Defense structures.
All in all, however, for what it is, the book is pleasing and will bring back many happy memories to Francophiles. Of course there are innumerable books of photos covering Paris, and naturally there are favorite places not covered in this book or not handled the way the individual reader might like, but on the whole this is a workmanlike job that captures its subject competently.
(Apologies to readers who will note, correctly, the absence of appropriate French accents in this review--not offered by Amazon's word processing system.)

c'est wonderful !

This book is amazing....having been to Paris twice in a lifetime.A dream come true twice... I can only say that you will love this book! If you have been to Paris..want to go to history,photography,know someone who does and want a great yourself a favour and get this book.
I got it for my wife for Christmas. You will not be disappointed.It took us both back to Paris.Bon Voyage encore et encore avec this book.Order this book..get a bottle of wine...put on some French music and Enjoy!

paris then and now

The product was exactly as i thought it would be. The service was great and I look forward to future purchases.


this is a book well worth getting as it shows paris in all it's glory

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