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Old Ramon (The Newbery Honor Roll)

ISBN: 0802774032

Language: English

Publisher: Walker Childrens

Old Ramon (The Newbery Honor Roll)


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Jack Schaefer, author of the classic Shane, has written a timeless story about the friendship of a wise old shepherd and a young boy set in the Mojave Desert.

4.00 stars - 1 reviews
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Customer Reviews of Old Ramon (The Newbery Honor Roll)

A great western for young people & winner of several awards!

This is a timeless story by the author of "Shane". "Old Ramon" centers on a wise older shepherd, a young boy, and two brave dogs. Ramon teaches the boy, who is the son of his patron, how to care for a herd in the harsh terrain of the desert. The boy learns about sheep and sandstorms, rattlesnakes and wolves; he also learns about friendship and loss, bravery and cool-headed wisdom. Set in the Old West, where the cultures of Mexico and Southern California converge, "Old Ramon" offers both a journey back to the adventures of the past and a universal story of growing up. Has nice drawings too.

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