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Night Fever

Night Fever


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24 year old Rebecca found life much too complicated. She worked a full time job, raised her two teenage brothers, supported her retired grandfather and tended to their farm. When her brother Clay was arrested on drug charges, Rebecca's life suddenly began to come apart at the seams.

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a must read

i am a rabid diana palmer fan. i have read every single book she has written. she always writes about a young virgin in love with older man but older man is mean to her but eventually fall in love. in this story she's 24 and is supporting her teenage brother who gets into trouble. she works for an attorney and meets an older man in an elevator and the sparks fly, unaware of who he is until she's called to his office and realizes who he really is. turns out she needs Rourke's help in defending her brother and of course the ice between them melts and they fall in love. SIGH!!! i definitely recommend you read this book!!!


I have been a fan of Diana Palmer's since the beginning. I really loved this book. I have re-read this book a few times and I don't normally do that but Diana Palmer can write to my heart. I can feel the pain of the women that she writes about. I feel for them and at the same time get upset with them. This book is no different. The main woman in the story has a heavy load and carries it because love for her family has made her a prisoner. In the process she finds someone that maybe she could love but at first he really annoys her. It is comical the way they talk to each other. He is arrogant and she is just plain frustrated with him. In the process of all of this, they fall in love. Diana can build characters that I can relate to and grow to love. That is the best thing to me. One other thing about this book that I like is that the main man in the book is half Native American and how he dealt with that growing up. Diana Palmer has a few books with the Native American man. If you like the Native American male in a book try her other books called Paper Roses or Before Sunrise. I have read some of the other comments and while they thought is was a bit sappy I loved it. It is one of my favorites.

Night Fever

This was an wxcellent book. When it started Becky kept running into this man with a cigar in his hand and she was getting annoyed by him. Then when her brother got into trouble and she had to talk to the District Attorney and found out that it was him she was shocked. As the book went on I started to hate the District attorney Mr. Kilpatrick because he was using Becky to get to her brother. Suddenly I started to feel sorry for him because he relized how he felt about her and he knew that she was pregnant but she wouldn't have anything to do with him. I cheered when she married him and I cried at the end when her brother got out of jail thanks to Mr. Kilpatrick. I definitely recommend this book to read.

A Classic!

Diana Palmer's "Night Fever" is a classic romance that's being re-released for the first time in over a decade. This read is very romantic and sensual and one that will entertain the reader for sure. Rebecca Cullen has a hard life but she doesn't let that get her down. Her mother died when she was young, her father ran off, one brother insists on hanging with the wrong people, and her grandfather is sick. She works all day at the law office, and comes home to take care of her little family. She is twenty-four and has no social life. What she does have though is a rather entertaining relationship with a man that works in her building. He annoys her, she snipes at's not perfect but it's something. Than her brother Clay gets arrested. It's a well-known fact that the D.A. is hard on crime and harder on crime related to drug use. She knows that there is little she can do but with the help of her boss (another lawyer) she hopes to talk this strict D.A. to accept a possible plea bargain. Imagine her shocked surprise when she finds out that the D.A. is none other than the obnoxious elevator man! No what? Rourke Kilpatrick takes his job of D.A seriously. When the pretty but young Rebecca comes to is office trying to help her brother he reluctantly agrees but warns that he won't do it again a second time. He has enjoyed their sparing matches in the elevator and he didn't like seeing the downtrodden look in her eye when she came to him for help. This is just the beginning of a relationship that neither can imagine having but at the same time turning their backs on. Will these two lonely people finally find the love that they each deserve? Rourke and Becky were wonderfully drawn characters. Their romance is very sensual not in action but in how they grow together as a couple. Although at times Becky's naïve nature wears thin, it's still true to her character so readers should be patient when coming to this portion of the story. Ms. Palmer tackles a very dark subject regarding drugs, which is sadly always timely so this read won't seem dated despite the fact that it was originally penned in the early nineties. Truly this is a classic love story and one that I highly recommend.

reprint (under the name Susan Kyle) of an engaging legal thriller romance

Twenty-four years old Rebecca Cullen works as a "mule", the lowest ranked employee at a law firm just outside Atlanta while living nearby on her grandfather's farm in Curry County. She has raised her two younger brothers Mack and Clay since their mom died eight years ago; their dad deserted his family years earlier. Though she worries about their mounting debt and expects to sell the farm soon even knowing that will kill her beloved granddad; her biggest concern is Clay running with a fast crowd whom Becky knows uses crack. Curry County police arrest Clay on drug charges. County D.A. Rourke Kilpatrick is known for being tough on drug offenders, even young ones as he feels strongly about keeping drugs out of his community. However, to Becky's shock, Rourke is gentle with her and with her sibling who he sees as possible bait to catch the real felons. He also wants more from his virgin that he cherishes, but she fears that his tough love approach to her brother will break her heart. This reprint (under the name Susan Kyle) is an engaging legal thriller romance starring a courageous heroine who gained too much responsibility too soon and a justice driven D.A. who will do anything legal to keep drugs out of the county. Though the romance seems more fairy tale than real, readers will commiserate with Becky, who has no time for courtships. The legal aspects are cleverly designed so that the audience obtains a taste of justice in that rare metro Atlanta region lacking a population boom (then again this tale takes place in 1990) and the pairing though seemingly odd at first make for a fun Georgian Cinderella romance. Harriet Klausner

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