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Mr. Sunny Is Funny!

Mr. Sunny Is Funny!


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A.J.'s family rented a beach house for the summer, and you'll never guess in a million hundred years who rented the house next door. Well, you have to read the book to find out. So nah-nah-nah boo-boo on you!* *Okay, okay, it's Andrea and her family. And she has a monster crush on Mr. Sunny, the hunky (but weird) lifeguard. Ooooh! When are they gonna get married?

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SPOILER (A student's review)

I looooooooved this book so much. I would recommend it because it's the best book of the My Weird School series. It takes place on the beach. I really loved it and I hope you do too!

Summer vacation with a teacher

Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (9/08) "Mr. Sunny Is Funny!" is about a teacher from Ella Mentry School who rents a beach house for the summer. The house he rents is next door to the house that one of his students is staying in for the summer. At first, A.J. (the student) is not at all happy his teacher is next door. Summer is supposed to be months of "anti-teacher" zones. Eventually, A.J. and Mr. Sunny start doing things together. They build a huge sandcastle, invent solar-powered panels for ipods and they go surfing. Another student named Andrea and her family rent the house on the other side of where A.J. is staying. Then things start to get really messy! Andrea is annoying to A.J. and he always wants to get rid of her. She doesn't care and insists upon hanging around him. I liked "Mr. Sunny Is Funny!" by Dan Gutman and thought it was really, really funny. I liked reading about teachers who make kids go crazy and about kids who make teachers go crazy!


Okay. I am not 13 years old, more like Jack Benny's 39. I have a brain tumor and I am very, VERY slow. But this book was GREAT. The book is called "Mr. Sunny Is Funny" and it takes place at the beach near the ocean and there is a shark! This was a CLASSIC! Believe it or not, there were lots about Shakespeare --- even the real stuff! At the last chapter, it says "The Big Surprise End That Will Completely Shock You, Unless You Already Guessed It". Does this sound like George Kirgo? (He was an author, wrote books, movies, etc.) His book was called "How to Write Ten Different Best Sellers NOW in Your Spare Time -- and Become the First Author on Your Block, Unless There's an Author Already on Your Block, in Which Case You'll Become the Second Author on Your Block, and That's Okay, Too AND OTHER STORIES". Thanks, George.

continues the weird school tradition

My 8 year old son loved this book. It is interesting in that it takes place away from the school, but still has most of the familiar characters. The reader gets a fun introduction to Mr. Granite, who makes an appearance in another book, later. If your child likes the weird school series, don't pass this one up!

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