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McQuail's Mass Communication Theory

McQuail's Mass Communication Theory


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The Fifth Edition of this bestselling textbook provides a comprehensive, non-technical introduction to the range of approaches to understanding mass communication. Fully revised, and with new student-friendly features, McQuail's Mass Communication Theory offers an integrated treatment of the major components of mass communication - the sender, the message, and the audience; considers all the diverse forms of mass communication in contemporary societies - television, radio, newspapers, film, music, the Internet and other forms of new media; and demonstrates how theories of mass communication relate to the broader understanding of society and culture.

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The beginers' guide

Well, if you are either a media study student or an orninary citizen, this book will be a fundamental guide for your understanding of the various social activities. Once you read the theories simply explained, you will notice what you have not realized how much you were influenced by the media themselves.With the deep understanding of the media theories in the book, I bet you could enrich your life and prepare for the better life ahead.

A fine introduction to mass communication theory

As a professor of communication, I use this book as a text in my introductory course. While it lacks a little bit in giving details of individual theories, its broad coverage of the field is excellent. This is a good book for someone who wants to know what "mass communication" is all about, but you will need to read additional books or articles to get a full understanding of particular theories.

A great book to understand Communication studies

An extense and complete review of over more than 60 years of Communication Studies is the result of an incredible job by Proffesor Denis McQuail, from the University of Amsterdam. Altough is not a chronological display of theories, is very easy to read. This third edition includes some of the more recent examples from the Cultural Studies, and that addition is thankful for everybody interested in the field this days. JUL.

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