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McDonald's Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide (McDonald's Collectibles: Identification & Values)

McDonald's Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide (McDonald's Collectibles: Identification & Values)

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Fun, attractive, and well-made, many McDonald's ephemerae are tied in with other collectibles such as those from Coca-Cola and Disney. This book provides information on all types of McDonaldiana, with detailed descriptions and more than 1,000 color photos.

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The Popular Guidebook Now Has Prices Revised for 1999

This beautiful 352 page identification and value guide has been updated with 1999 prices. It contains over 2,300 full color, large, sharp photos. Provides collector's tips, the McDonald's Story, the early days and more history. Nearly every type of McDonald collectible is included. Every category is clearly described. A valuable reference work that will be referred to often !


Why not have McDonald's have a substitute for a value meal instead of french fries, like your potatoe pancake. Have your express in Hempstead, Nassau County, Long Island, New York, have thick or milk shakes, like you do hot and cold drinks. PLEASE GIVE TO MCDONALD'S

all types of McD collectibles from 1964 to present

this book contains not just Happy Meals from the beginnings of McD, but all other types of McD collectibles like tableware, clothing, Christmas things, sports cars & cards, etc. etc.

Excellent Value Guide-Very thorough, Great color pictures!

What luck to run accross this wonderful guide the first time searching for such a book. This is a very large book, with color pictures of all type of McDonald's collectibles-in addition to all the happy meal toys. It also provides a facinating history of how the business got started along with pictures of the founders and the 1st restaurants, also included are pictures and values of memorabilia such as uniforms, paper french fry bags and the large ride on toys and Ronald figures used inside the restaurants. This books gets a A+ from me.

GREAT Book, covers ALL aspects of McDonalds Collectables.

This book is a VERY well organized book, you can tell that the authors took LOTS of time with the planning aspect. I own 3 books on McDonalds, and this one has to be the best. Not only does it cover toys, but it also covers Pre-Happy Meal toys, dolls, jewlery and all other aspects of McDonalds. It's values seem to be very accurate as well!!!

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