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MacNamara's Woman

MacNamara's Woman


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THE SURVIVORTen years ago, Tamara Allistair learned that she had no one to rely upon except herself. Now her existence was threatened again—but this time there was someone to lend her a hand. Her protector? C. J. MacNamara, self-appointed rescuer of downtrodden women….Too bad Tamara had decided that "love" was out of her vocabulary. Because with C.J.'s rock-solid appeal and support, maybe she could finally find out what really happened ten years ago—and whether she might not be able to give love a try after all.MAXIMILLIAN'S CHILDREN: Two brothers and a sister search for the secrets of their father's past—and the love they never thought they'd find!

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"MacNamara's Woman" is the second book in Alicia Scott's "Maximillian's Children" series, and it is just as gripping, well-written and intense as the first one, "Maggie's Man". Tamara Allistair lost her family in a tragic hit-and-run accident. Now, ten years later, she returns to the place that changed her life irrevocably to bring the man who destroyed her life to justice. However, she is dealing with a first-rate politician, who immediately starts to pull some strings to prevent her from unclosing his secret. Fortunately, there is C.J. MacNamara, a tough but charming ex-Marine, who appoints himself her protector. He is the one who manages to break through her carefully erected emotional barriers and liberate her from the trauma of her past. There is lots of suspense, emotional depth and sizzling sexual tension in the book. If you happen to find a copy, go and get it!

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