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Linda McCartney on Tour: Over 200 Meat-Free Dishes from Around the World

Linda McCartney on Tour: Over 200 Meat-Free Dishes from Around the World


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Linda McCartney, wife of Beatle Paul McCartney, was a passionate vegetarian. Shortly before she died, she left a legacy with this beautiful book of 200 meat-free recipes from all over the world. Linda McCartney on Tour is illustrated with stunning photographs guaranteed to start you salivating--the tastes, colors, and textures leap off the page. You can almost taste the Crispy Vegetable Wontons (China), Asparagus Crepes (France), Minted Pea and Spinach Soup (U.K.), Vegetable Kichdi (India), Warm Chocolate Souffle with Bittersweet Sauce (France), and Fragrant Coconut Rice (Thailand). If you like pizza, choose from recipes of the U.K., U.S., Thailand, or Greece, or invent your own pizza with a page of creative topping selections. Although many of the dishes sound esoteric, the ingredients won't send you searching in ethnic stores--you can find most in your supermarket, though you will need to frequent a natural-foods market for a few, such as organic eggs and vegetarian sausages. The recipes have no nutritional information, unfortunately--you know you're getting plenty of vitamins and fiber, but you don't know fat content. Whether you're a confirmed vegetarian looking for new recipes or you just want to improve your health by eating meat-free a few times a week, this book will entice you. --Joan Price

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Excellent tasty and unique veggie cuisine

I received this book as a gift and after looking through it, I was excited to try the recipes. There is a great selection of different recipes from all around the world. What makes this book special is that the recipes include the traditional Italian and Chinese cuisine, but Linda goes beyond the traditional to include Indian, African and Thai cuisines. I truly enjoy the hot and sour soup, for example. The photographs are brilliant in color and are vivid enough to make your stomach growl by just looking at them. Linda uses olive oil generously. Although there is not a nutritional analysis, it is easy to adapt the recipes to a healthy diet, which I do with great success. I truly enjoy this book.

Excellent cookbook to own!

I am a vegan, and finding anything delicious that doesn't include some form of tofu is sometimes hard. This cookbook includes many ethnic, vegan recipes and photos to go with them. Instructions are easy, even my 9-year-old daughter helps with the preparation. We made the Chinese aromatic vegetable stir-fry last night, and it was marvelous. Even my mom, who is not veggie, thought it looked and smelled delicious. The world has lost a wonderful talent in Linda.

Excellent Multi-Ethnic Cookbook - Absolutely Fabulous!

Yet another truly excellent cooking tome from an inspiring woman, Linda McCartney shows once again how easy it is to prepare easy and delicious meals with a flair. This book is a must have for those who like to sample cuisines from other cultures, and you absolutely don't miss the meat in these dishes. From the stunning photography to the mouth-watering menu ideas that make party planning a snap, there is something for every taste. I have had rave reviews over every recipe I prepared from this and her other cook books. We have lost a true treasure in Linda McCartney.

A great addition to any cookbook collection

Linda's recipes are unique in that they are obviously tested and tested again. I am not a great cook (average to good maybe) and I have had many failures in the kitchen by following poor recipes... having cooked a good many of Linda's recipes I haven't had one failure. This food is great!!! Flavorful, easy to make recipes take the anxiety out of preparing a great meal. Also, I recommend this for meat eaters, not just vegetarians, you'll be pleasently surprised. This book (as well as her others) has taught me so many new cooking techniques and educated me on the use of vegetables and everyday herbs and spices. It's too bad she isn't around to do more. I miss her for her cookbooks alone.


Through all she was going through, Linda managed to pull off another great cookbook. This book has a variety of delicious dishes from all around the world and contains everything a vegetarian cookbook should; from vegetarian questions and answers to holiday menus. It's a must have.

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