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Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

ISBN: 074328156X

Language: English

Publisher: Touchstone

Lowest Price: $3.59

Life Is Not a Fairy Tale


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"The more people say you can't, the more you can. The more they talk negatively, the more you fight. You have to think about bettering your life and go after it. I don't care what you got to do. You only have one life to live, so do your thing." In one moment, with one tearful, touching performance of "Summertime," Fantasia captured the hearts, and the votes, of millions of "American Idol" fans. Her powerful voice and independent style made her an overnight national sensation. But life wasn't always sensational for Fantasia.Fantasia could have been just another sad statistic. At the age of seventeen, despite the promise of her extraordinary voice, she was just another young girl who dropped out of high school, a baby on her hip. Her life and her plans for her future seemed to be going nowhere. The choices she had made were closing every door to the life she had hoped to live. But Fantasia had been raised by strong women of faith. Both her grandmother and mother are preachers. She was raised with an unshakable faith in God, the kind of faith that she needed when it came time to rethink her choices and redirect her life. Fantasia hoped that by using her gift to inspire others, she would be able to someday take care of her family and herself.Now readers can share the intimate moments of her life. In "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, " Fantasia offers a deeply emotional look at her rise to the top and the life-altering revelations she came to during her lowest moments along the way. With a spirit as strong as her voice, she speaks with heartfelt, humorous frankness about what it takes to get off the wrong path and onto the right one. Fantasia confides in readers, walking with them through the trials of her family life and loving a man who didn't love her, through the challenge of being a baby mama to managing the joys and pressures of fame. She turns all that she's learned into uplifting life lessons, including: - Recognize your gift- You made your bed, now lie in it- Give props where props are due- Like mother, like daughter- It ain't about the blingFantasia keeps it real with her sassy, self-confident style and down-to-earth advice, making readers laugh and cry with her. Fantasia's story will inspire readers to believe in themselves and have the faith it takes to reach for their greatest potential.

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I highly recommend this book. I work in the town where Fantasia comes from and know the people she is talking about, and she is telling the truth. I wish I was this smart when I was 21. I believe God is going to do some awesome things in Fantasia's life!!!! I also love to go hear her mother Preach.....she is awesome too!!! If you have a daughter or son, go buy them this is a eye opener and a page turner. It's good from beginning to end!!! One thing she left out is, those people that did not want to have anything to do with her and her baby, are now trying to be her friend.....LOOK AT GOD!!!!!

This book is a must read

I have immense respect and admiration for Fantasia. Her courage and honesty speaks volumes. Everyone is focusing on her admission of not being able to read well but that is just a small portion of what is chronicled in this book. It is a book of hope, perseverence, courage, inspiration, faith and love. If people could look past their hunger for scandal and judgement then all would see what a gem this little book is. I say bravo Fantasia, bravo. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run. I hope this book goes straight to number one. People should read it with an open mind and open heart.

Wow! Truly Inspiring!!

Who knew that an American Idol could have such a truly inspiring story? Fantasia writes about her life story, warts and all. The things she's lived through - dropping out of school early, sexual abuse, unmarried teenaged motherhood - it's all here. But more importantly, the life lessons that she's learned are here, in frank and powerful language that can benefit every young woman in America. It's the story of so many young women nowadays, but it also includes true inspiration. Highly recommended!

This book is awesome, Must get!!

I would like to applaud Fantasia on her courage in being able to reveal so much personal stuff. It takes a real woman and a God fearing woman to have that kind of strength and faith. I can relate to her in so many areas. I am not saying that her story sounds exactly like mine, which in some areas they were. But I have been through alot of trying times as well and coming from North Carolina, I know firsthand about that Southern Family Love. You can't find that anywhere. I also recommend that every Black household is able to get at least one copy to fill their homes, because if you have any young daughter(s), this will serve as a must have testimonial Bible to fill your home. I am going to let my daughter read it because I know that she needs it. (God knows she does) But for right now, all hands OFF!!! (lol) Kind of selfish, it's still fresh. Every chapter is so interesting, so interesting to the point that you find yourself playing your own little movie out in your imagination while reading it. I am sure that someday this book will turn into a movie. Even though the stories weren't quite as old as "The Color Purple" scenes, it played out in my mind like that from the beginning stories till the end, except my movie became up-to-date with what she was writing. There is no way that I can say "I can't imagine" those things happening to someone, but I was Fantasia at one point in my life. Except my fear was in my mom as much as my dad. Please decide to get a copy of "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale", you will not regret it. I purchased two online and my patients ran thin when I didn't receive them, so I went out and bought me one. That trip was one to remember because it took me about one hour and forty five minutes to two hours to find the store. This was only because all the Borders here were not trying to release it. I guess that's due to the fact that she has book signings at some of those stores, in which I will be there. As you read, please be inspired. This book will have you in a trance, that is the reason I didn't put it down. I finished the book in less than 12 hours. That is because I went to sleep this morning near the end of the book and had to finish this morning. There are times in this book that you will be laughing, crying and just in agreement with what she is saying. Especially if you came from where she came from. You know you've seen it; you know you've been there. I just applaud her effort in mustering up the strength to dig deep and keep it real. As you all know she was raped in the 9th grade. God knows I'm glad she came out with it first because as we all can see; the media would have had a field day with it, like they are now. But she revealed it with such class that they can't drag her name in the mud. God knows I'm glad she spoke out about her literacy. In saying all of this, I know that she will do well and I am truly proud of her. I will not expect much from her, which I never did. I know that she is not able to write and te

Finished it in 5 hours!

I couldn't put this book down. Fantasia takes you on a journey with her. You see the good, the bad, and the ugly. It made me laugh, cry, and smile because it is so real and releveant. So many people go through the same things described in the book, particularly looking for love in the wrong places. By reading about Fantasia's mistakes, people can either learn from them or forgive themselves for going through some of the same situations. This is a great read and can definitely strengthen your relationship with God. P.S. I have joined the "book just came out today and I'm finished club." It's possible sweetie.
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