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Let's Get Pickled! A Pickles Collection

Let's Get Pickled! A Pickles Collection


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This follow-up to Still Pickled After All These Years brings even more laugh-out-loud looks at the daily life of Earl and Opal Pickles; their divorced daughter, Sylvia; and their dog, Roscoe.Growing old is great fun when you keep your sense of humor and never forget the wonder and energy of childhood. Let's Get Pickled!, the latest collection of Pickles cartoons, feeds on unconditional love-of pets, old friends, and, of course, family-to provide zinger-filled humor. Earl and Opal, a wise-but-spunky loving couple, have been married for 50-plus years. The Pickles' 30-something remarried daughter and her son round out this sweet intergenerational comic that appeals to both sexes and all age groups. Pickles appears in almost 500 newspapers and has steadily grown in popularity since its debut 16 years ago. Readers nationwide turn to the strip again and again for its good-natured wit and wry humor.

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funny stories of the "over the hill" older set

This is another funny book for those people who are retired and living with the ups and downs of age. The author certainly has a handle on funny things we can relate to especially now that we are in our 70's too. A great gift for those who have everything but chuckles as they deal with getting older.

They're the family you'd love to have living next door

If you're already a fan of the Pickles, this book is a must have. If you haven't as yet met the family, you're in for a real treat! Brian Crane's characters are as endearing as they come. Has it been a long time since you've really enjoyed a cartoon? Give this collection a read. You won't be disappointed.

A laugh on every page

When the newspaper took Pickles out of it's papers comic section it was a sad day. Now that it's in paperback you can read it over and over and still laugh. I highly recommend it and also the other two books in print.

Age Appropriate

I can see myself in every cartoon. I have collected them all. How does Crane originate such humorous presentations. I'm glad I bought the book. DJ Swett

Tickled Over Pickled !

Brian Crane has created a wonderful comic series. My only complaint is that, so far, he has only published three collections of his work. "Pickles" makes my day begin and "Let's Get Pickled" is a must-have for anyone who enjoys this series.

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Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing
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