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Law Enforcement Officer: Guidebook for Background Checks and Polygraph Tests

Law Enforcement Officer: Guidebook for Background Checks and Polygraph Tests


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Investigators and polygraph examiners look for inconsistencies, contradictions, changes in answers or misrepresentations between the Application and Pre-screening Form & Questionnaire. The background interview and polygraph test provide an opportunity for an investigator to engage in face-to-face contact with an applicant. Although the process may at times appear to resemble an interrogation, it is not intended to place you in a disadvantageous position. People who are well prepared and ready to discuss their personal history with an interviewer are those who do well. Prepare for a background check, interview or polygraph test by filling out forms and answering questions that have actually been used by investigators. This guide provides valuable insights into background checks and interviews, as seen through the eyes of investigators. You will complete our 3-step process of filling out an Application, Pre-Screening Form & Questionnaire and respond to Background Interview questions. Emphasis is placed upon eliminating costly mistakes that end in rejection. Statements and information that you are likely to provide on forms, and during interviews, often leading to elimination are closely examined. Deceit, inconsistencies with other responses made on forms, lying, or falsely representing personal information are discussed. Learn how to analyze your own written and oral responses and answers to questions, by referring to numerous helpful hints that are included in the guidebook. Arrive at a finished product that is an accurate assessment of your character and background that you can defend. See how the Application, Pre-Screening Form & Questionnaire, Background Interview and Polygraph Test are interrelated and lead to "red flags" when inconsistencies in responses and statements arise. This guide introduces the practice of "threshold of tolerance," which explains how departments deal with distinguishing between acceptable and unacceptable types of behavior, such as with cases of reported drug usage. Learn about the "drug criteria" used by federal agencies that is in practice today and is being adopted by local and state law enforcement agencies. Includes sample questions commonly used by investigators who conduct background interviews with applicants, and focus upon the following areas: (number of questions in parenthesis). Employment History (20) Military History (7) Criminal History (40) Educational History (6) Organizational Membership (3) Financial History (4) Weapons’ Permit History (4) Vehicle History (8) Application Process History (4) Using this guide, you will arrive at a final result that you can use to prepare future applications, background checks, interviews and polygraph tests.

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