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Kaplan DAT (Kaplan Dat (Dental Admission Test))

ISBN: 0743241495

Language: English

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing

Lowest Price: $4.84

Kaplan DAT (Kaplan Dat (Dental Admission Test))


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Are you ready for the DAT? You will be. 2 Full-Length Practice Tests • Detailed Explanations for Every Answer • Intensive Science and Quantitative Review • Reading Comprehension Practice Test • Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Score Special CD-ROM Features • Full-Length Practice Test • Complete Explanations for Every Answer • Personalized Interactive Performance Analysis The Only Virtual Reality PAT • Realistic Perceptual Ability Test • Exclusive PAT Exercises • Computerized 3-D Figures You Can Rotate and View at Different Angles

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Kaplan DAT 2007-2008

This is an excellent product! It has 2 full length review tests. The book is broken into different sections which all give a decent explanation of the subject.


I received everything that I expected, in the time I expected. Everything worked out just fine.

DAT from Kaplan

This is a must for any Pre-Dental Student. All of the course material is laid out in an effective manner and the comprehensive review leaves no stone unturned. I truly beleive that without the Perceptual Abilities Review Section's help, the DAT would be 10 times more difficult. If you're planning on taking the DAT you need this book.

Great Guide

This book is plain genius. i just took the DAT and got very good scores thanks to this book. The CD was helpful, although the PAT is harder on the exam. You guys will not regret paying 50 buckaroos for this one.

A Great Study Guide

I have been out of school for over five years now, and I've never had a biology class save for one in high school. This book has a great natural science section, covering all the main topics (more or less). Of course, I used college textbooks for more in-depth information of material I didn't know, but the Kaplan product actually covered some important material IN MORE DETAIL than the textbooks! The actual DAT did cover a lot of genetics and specific questions about phyla, which the book was just a little skimpy on. However, every other section was great. I'm VERY happy with my score, and as far as I'm concerned--if you don't take the Kaplan class, you NEED this book. It's worth it's weight in Au!!!
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