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Intermediate Algebra for College Students

ISBN: 0132383578

Language: English

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Intermediate Algebra for College Students


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This dynamic new edition of this proven series adds cutting edge print and media resources. An emphasis on the practical applications of algebra motivates learners and encourages them to see algebra as an important part of their daily lives. The reader-friendly writing style uses short, clear sentences and easy-to-understand language, and the outstanding pedagogical program makes the material easy to follow and comprehend. KEY TOPICS Chapter topics cover basic concepts; equations and inequalities; graphs and functions; systems of equations and inequalities; polynomials and polynomial functions; rational expressions and equations; roots, radicals, and complex numbers; quadratic functions; exponential and logarithmic functions; conic sections; and sequences, series and the binomial theorem. For the study of Algebra.

Customer Reviews of Intermediate Algebra for College Students

Clear & simple steps given

I used this book to challenge my Intermediate Algebra course, and I passed the exams. This book explain clearly the steps to the questions.

It's a math book..

as far as math books go, this has the most subconsciousness and suggestive language...
very progressive,. brings new meaning to the word quadratic!

think about it...

why are Jim and Tom always driving trains away from and/ or two each other?
who cares when they will meet?
the question is why are Jim and Tom always meeting?

that's my 2cents.

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