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In a Crooked Little House

In a Crooked Little House


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This book is awesome!

Annette and Gina Cascone are great writers and even better when writing a book together!This book is a major thriller/page-turner. This book is so suspenseful that it just keeps you guessing and guessing. -Lots of accidents are happening at Huntington Prep. People are missing... all of this is caused by someone that calls himself 'Iggy-boy'. You get to see into the mind of Iggy-boy, but it's really hard to guess who he might be. Could it be the rich/handsome/loner boy named Slater Laurence, the obnoxious Trevor Caldwell who is constantly hassling the main character Casey McCabe, or even the kind old drunk named Jake??? -The ending is wonderful!SPOILER... the ending:'blank' saw them, out of the corner of his eye. And he smiled. Because he couldn't help feeling like he was a little bit responsible for their happiness. And as he watched those beautiful people walk off with their arms around each other, he heard his 'blank's voice whispering in his ear. "Your're a good boy,'blank'. A real good boy."-love the ending alot =)

He Shoots to Kill

I love this book. I've read it over 20 times. I love the agony of trying to figure Iggy Boys true identity. The book through me back and forth trying to figure out who could possibly be the killer. You'll feel so deeply for the beautiful Casey, and so horribly for the boys in Bowdin House. But most of all you'll fear Iggy Boy. And his special place shows the workings of a true psycho. You'll never guess the ending with all the renching twists.


Wow, this book was realy awesome and definetly kept me hooked. Although when it came time for 'iggy-boy' to be revealed I got seriously confused. I totally lost track and I still dont knw who it is.

i love this book

let me start off by saying this, i HATE to read. the only reason i read this book in the first pace was because i need to write a book report for school. i have read this book 10 times and it still keeps me interested. it has millions of twists and turns and you would never guess who "iggy-boy" realy is. i'd recomend this book to anybody who hates reading because so do i but i couldnt (and still cant) put this book down.

Pretty good

I liked this book. It was rather interesting. It's about this total wacko--Iggy-Boy--killing different people in this fraternity and stalking this girl named Casey. The story flows pretty easily, and all the suspects pointing to who Iggy-Boy actually is are pretty varied. But in the end, it gets really confusing, and you never really know if Iggy-Boy is just some guy or not. I got lost. Anyhoo, the story was okay, and I suggest looking in used bookstores for it. It's okay, I guess. Not very scary, really. At some points, though, it's pretty good. Anyhoo, this is an okay book.

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