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How to Be Born Again

ISBN: 0849931606

Language: English

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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How to Be Born Again


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Man has a problem and God has an answer in Christ. How the do we respond? Dr. Graham gives the answer in simple, direct, and dynamic language. But he does not stop with the moment of the new birth, for newborns have a lot of growing to do. Here also is essential guidance to take them further, for they can scarcely realize so soon the potential of the new power God can release from deep within them. How to Be Born Again is at once universal and personal, for the new Christian and for the Christian along the way – an irresistible primer for finding salvation, a guidebook for continuing growth.

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This is a book that you could read and re-read, which is exactly what I did! Love the book and would highly recommend it! It answers so many questions!

Billy Graham "How to be Born Again."

Billy Graham is a wonderful preacher and writer. I read this book and gave it as a gift to my sister because she had questions about going to heaven. It explains everything for people who do not even know who Jesus is and also for those who know something about Him. I recommend this book to everyone who has questions about their soul.

Simply Fantastic

I have read a few books by Pator Billy I would say this has been his best book. It is a big book indeed while reading the book a friend lent me a copy of The Davinci code. i read a little of that but found it to be real boring so i returned that book and got back to reading How to... and there are no words to describe it. Try the book.

A Book Anyone Can Benefit From

While useful to any Christian, this book is written primarily for those searching for a relationship with God and those newly born into the Christian faith. Far from being a theological tome, it is written in such a way as to maximize its comprehension among all manner of individuals. In this regard, it is equivalent to the language used by Jesus Himself. This book is filled with personal experiences and observations of the author--as with virtually any preacher, Billy Graham has a little story to exemplify and clarify any point he wants to make. This book can easily be understood by children as well as adults, by people with no previous knowledge of the Gospel as well those raised in a setting where the Bible is known and read. It is important to note that Graham's message about "how to be born again" deals as much (if not more) with the time after religious conversion as it does with the steps toward and realization of salvation. While Graham argues that the most important decision a person can make is his/her personal decision to accept God's saving grace through faith, he also forcefully shows that the time after that momentous decision is the most important (and dangerous) time in the life of the Christian. The new Christian is essentially a child in Christ and needs the support of other Christians in order to really learn how to live a Christian life and arm himself against the temptations he/she will immediately and continually face to sin and backslide. Graham tries to offer the reader the tools he/she needs in order to mature in the faith and live a life pleasing to God. On the whole, Graham does a very good job of explaining just how simple the act of salvation is. He breaks it down to four steps: recognize God's love for you, truly repent of your sins, give your soul over to God, and tell others of your decision. Beyond that, he offers advice and support for growing in your faith throughout your new life. This is a book anyone can understand and benefit from.

How to be born again

This is a great book even if you already have been born again. Very refreshing and insightful. For me it was a deep read, I had to reluctantly stop every 3 or 4 pages and reflect. I plan to keep this book, reread it and share it many times. We are so blessed to be touched by Dr. Graham and his ministry.
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