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Holiday in Death

(Book #7 In the In Death series)

ISBN: 0425163717

Language: English

Publisher: Berkley

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Holiday in Death

(Book #7 In the In Death series)


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In the seventh of J.D. Robb's futuristic romance thrillers, NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is on the trail of a serial killer terrorizing the city during the holidays. The only link between the victims--all are patrons of an exclusive dating service, Personally Yours. Working with her aide Officer Peabody, Peabody's nemesis Ian McNab, and her own intriguing husband, Roarke, Eve uncovers secrets that link the victims: secrets that involve both the owners and the clients of Personally Yours and which might be worth killing for. Whether she's writing as Nora Roberts or as J.D. Robb, Roberts weaves a taut and powerful story with lush sensuality and masterful characterization. This murder mystery combines elements of romance, science fiction, and police procedural genres in an entertaining mix that will keep readers turning the pages. --Lisa Wanttaja

Customer Reviews of Holiday in Death

Perfect read for Christmas

The Holiday Season is not all joy and celebration because in the year 2058 a woman is found murdered and left with a figurine showing "partridge in a pear tree" (The Twelve Days of Christmas). Lieutenant Eve Dallas is quickly summoned to the scene and becomes the primary investigator in the case. The killer's modus operandi is to knock at the victim's door dressed up in a Santa's costume and kill them after getting access to their house. Eve quickly finds a connection to a dating agency called Personally Yours that will lead to some very interesting developments.

Confirmation comes when a second victim is found; she has two turtle doves in her hair and has also requested the services of Personally Yours. And as the investigation progresses, we find Charles Monroe, a character who we met in the first book in the series, "Naked in Death", and who has also been using the services of the dating agency even though he is a licensed companion. I think Robb made an excellent decision in reintroducing Charles in the series, since he brings no small amount of smart comments and interesting personal interactions with Eve and Peabody.

Peabody, Eve's aide, is having the time of her life, because the search for the killer is taking the duo around town where they have a chance to visit shops and mingle in the crowd of holiday shoppers. Eve, on the other hand, hates the experience and besides being worried about finding a dangerous killer, has to deal with her personal issues regarding Christmas. She even has to figure out what to buy for her friends and husband, the billionaire Roarke. Finding a present for a man that has everything is no small task!

This series is moving ahead full steam, with interesting cases and characters that are becoming more complex and fascinating. I think the latter aspect is what I enjoy most about this series, since Robb spends a fair amount of time on the relationship between Eve and Roarke, Eve and Peabody, etc. For those of you that have not read other books in this series, I am fully confident that this book stands on its own, but you will be missing a considerable part of the appeal found in these books due to the relationships among the main characters. My recommendation is that you start with the first book in the series, and I guarantee that you will be hooked after that.

Santa's packing....

This book was very well written and kept me on the tip of my toes from beginning to end. It was the first of the series I read and it left me craving for more. Most of the time when I read a book that has a murder mystery plot I figure it out long before the detectives, but it kept me guessing right up until the end. I LOVED IT and you will too.

Holiday in Death another great addition to the series

The " Death" series by J.D. Robb continues with the holiday season and a serial killer on the loose. The killer uses the Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as his theme for the murders and leaves with each victim a partridge in a pear tree at the first murder scene and two turtledoves at the second scene. Eve discovers that the murderer dresses up as Santa Claus to gain easy entry by the victim.

As in the other books in the series, the spicey romance between Eve and Roarke is a pleasant diverstion from murder and mayhem.

The book is fast paced and holds the readers interest. If you haven't read any of the other books in this series, start with Naked in Death and read them all. It's a terrific series that will have you waiting and anticipating the next book.

Ho Ho Ho!

It is Christmas in Manhattan, and someone is celebrating the season by killing. The only link between the victims, is a dating service named Personally Yours. To help solve the murders, Eve puts Peabody and her arch nemisis, McNab undercover as clients of the exclusive dating service. As Eve uncovers secrets about the clients and owners of Personally Yours - secrets that might be worth killing over - she struggles with her past and the the cruel rape-murders. When the attacker goes after one of her own, Eve must fight the darkness with in her and obey her training as a law officer.
HOLIDAY IN DEATH is a great addition to the "IN DEATH" series. This is Eve's first Christmas where she actually has a family and is surrounded by people she cares about. It is very touching and amusing to watch her struggle with buying gifts and Roarke's tree trimming. In contrast to this beautiful season for Eve, is the cruel reality of her past. Eve and Roarke struggle to find the balance between past and present, so that they can go on with there future, and start new traditions together.

Specializing in paranormal romance and fiction.

Even the Holiday Season attracts Killers....

Holiday In Death is another great addition to this thrilling series. Not only is it Eve and Roake's first Christmas together but there is a serial killer running around. A serial killer who dresses up like Santa Clause, is very neat and tidy and uses "The Twelve Days of Christmas " as his theme. The suspense in this series just keeps getting better. I never know the "who done it " until the very end. This is an excellent installment.

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