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He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle

He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle


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T. D. Jakes has helped millions of women discover the glorious truth of who they are. His bestseller The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord was a groundbreaking look at a woman's most important relationships-with God, with the man in her life, and with herself-and was the first step toward hope and healing for women across the nation. Now Bishop Jakes brings his unique perspective to this revealing look into the heart and mind of a man. Men feel the pressure of fulfilling many roles in life: husband, father, son, businessman, and leader. Now Bishop Jakes comes to their aid with this guidebook to help every man understand his own emotional inner workings, and to offer biblically inspired direction toward being the man God wants him to be. Practical, inspirational, and refreshingly honest, He-Motions is also the ultimate source for women who seek to comprehend and care for the men in their lives. It will help them decode men's often-baffling behavior and will offer eye-opening insights that will bring greater intimacy and healing to their relationships. He-Motions will bring clarity and hope to men and help them strengthen their relationships with themselves, with the women in their lives, and ultimately, with their God. It is the book that millions of men and women have been waiting for.

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ladies, only a man can tell you what a man thinks

i wish this book had come out years ago. spending my nuturing years in a single parent home, i knew nothing about the male specie. and of course all i thought i knew was idealistic garbage. this book will teach you the TRUE nature of men. what they want, dont want, feel and even fear. it will teach you to interprete thier silence CORRECTLY and unveil the myths that even men have created around themselves. and since you learn all this, you will know how to relate the RIGHT way with men and destroy the lies the media pumps into our subconscious about who a real man is. in otherwords, you will be speaking the language of your man.

In Respect & Appreciation

In this book, Bishop T.D. Jakes proves his worth as a man expounding on God's word and God's plan for our lives. As men, we often try to put on the hard shell exterior, but often times we are struggling on the inside. This book offers insight and really lets us know that it's okay to struggle. We are all human. That's why God is there. I can appreciate any man or woman who can explain to the detail like Jakes does in the pulpit and on paper. He-Motions is a well-written helpful tool that men like me and even women can use to be enlightened over and over again.

It's About Time

Real honesty, real answers, a real man! I loved this book and my husband enjoyed even more. This is a real breakthrough book. Even if you don't read a lot, you won't be able to put this one down. There's a king inside waiting to get out of every man, this book unlocks the door. Pam Perry, columnist/freelance writer

Recommended for men and women

A recent Dallas Morning News column profiling T.D. Jakes quoted a University of Houston sociology professor saying that Jakes is "incredible in how he's able to diagnose people's pain. He has an uncanny ability to put a finger on the human condition." Jakes' new book He-Motions illustrates the verity of the professor's statement. In He-Motions, Jakes nails the issues and challenges Christian men face today in trying to fulfill their many roles and pursue their dreams. Jakes writes from his heart and soul as a pastor, father, husband and entrepreneur. In the opening pages, he describes his motivation for writing: "I want to share what I've learned. I want to cut through so much of the junk imposed on men today and talk heart to heart about what it means to be a man, not in some touchy-feely group hug kind of way but in an honest, soul-bearing way, which also respects men and honors the women who love them and whom they love." Jakes thoroughly succeeds in fulfilling his desire for this book. Not only does he address male readers, but he also targets female readers who hope to gain insights about men. Jakes' no-holds barred writing offers refreshing candor for those wanting an honest assessment of who they are and where they are in life. Jakes writes about his childhood, his ministry, his family and his ups and downs in life-always tying stories to life lessons for readers. It does not take the reader long to discern that Jakes possesses a vast breadth of wisdom and understanding about the inner workings of men in our culture. Jakes writes that "a man must value himself." He-Motions can help readers make great strides in finding value in themselves-regardless of their circumstances. He encourages men to refuse to become discouraged but to keep moving toward their destiny while simultaneously enjoying the splendid moments of life's journey. The book is written as if Jakes is in the room having a one-on-one talk with the reader. If it was in fact such a talk, it would surely involve laughing, weeping, praying and dreaming. One such example of the conversational style is when Jakes writes about balancing family and career. He writes, "I'm here to tell you that if you don't contain your work life and segregate it from your home life, then your career will consume the marriage like a campfire blazing outside of its circle of rocks and roaring into a life-threatening forest fire." There is not an area of discussion where Jakes lets men off the hook. He writes authoritatively about power, money and sex. In the financial arena, Jakes commands readers, "Stop asking God to bless an area where you refuse to obey His Word for your life." In one relationship area after another, Jakes' writing leads the reader to self-examination, awareness, forgiveness and improvement. His writing on subjects such as a man's relationships with his father, children, wife, other men, time, money and God is honest and down to earth. It is also prac

Dynamic, Insightful Book...A Must Have for Every Man

Bishop Jakes does an excellent job of delving into the minds of men. He speaks to our struggles and the daily challenges faced in our homes, at work, and in the church. Every man should read this book!

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