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Guinness World Records: The World's Biggest Everything!

Guinness World Records: The World's Biggest Everything!


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From the tallest building to the biggest "air" (it's a skateboard thing!); from the largest animals to the most monumental mountains, this book has it all. It's hard to believe we can fit it between covers! Drawing from the Guinness World Records archive of things big and huge (it's the "biggest" such archive in the world, of course), this book will amaze and delight young readers and their curious parents. The stories and color photos of these enormous subjects are cool enough, but making these big things relevant and understandable will be made easier by ratio comparisons, like "The Queen Mary is as tall as 5 school buses," and "Two kids about 4 feet tall would be just a bit taller than Mr. Xi (World’s Tallest Living Man)."

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An essential reference tool.

Whilst some readers will always buy the latest edition of this book because they are interested in the largest, tallest, fastest or whatever, personally I have always found this book to be a first class reference source. It was from the Guinness Book of records that I learned that the largest Turtle known to man was a giant Leatherback Turtle which (to my great surprise) was washed up on the shores of Ireland - and "not" some Caribbean country as one might expect. Of course, not all the records are repeated from one edition into the next or each book would be identical except for any new records achieved during the past 12 months. For this reason, the reader might need to collect a few editions of the book in order to have as good a collection of records as possible. Just a few loose thoughts really. NM

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