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Gray Magic

Gray Magic


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After telling Gwen's grandmother that they are lovers, Stoner and Gwen set off to Arizona to escape the fallout. However, it's no vacation when things turn frightening and Stoner's friend Stell falls ill with a mysterious disease and she meets the old woman Siyamtiwa.

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Great first book for young people, stirs the imagination!

I first read this book in 1973, it marked my transition from doctor seuss to paperback novels. The book blends the innocense of youth with the realization of magical stories of Camelot. It depicts a time where action and adventure was made up in the mind and not on a screen...

interesting twist on timeless tales

Realistic characters are a key feature in this books unique quality . Showing parellel dimensions in a different light than the "evil twin" story , this book is amust read for anyone with a good love of fantasy .

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Publisher:New Victoria Publishers
Lowest Price:$3.59
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