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Garden to Vase: Growing and Using Your Own Cut Flowers

Garden to Vase: Growing and Using Your Own Cut Flowers


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As an accomplished gardener and professional florist, Linda Beutler offers unique insights into creating inspired floral arrangements and growing the plants that go into them. Among the topics that Beutler discusses are the philosophy of floral design; making creative use of plants you're already growing; techniques of harvesting and preparing cut flowers; "bouquet basics"; and creating arrangements for special occasions. The book culminates in "Plants for the Cutting Garden: Flowers, Foliage, and Fruit," which contains detailed descriptions of more than 200 outstanding plants. Adding greatly to the book's appeal and usefulness are Allan Mandell's breathtaking photographs of flowers in every stage from the garden to finished arrangement.

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Finally...A Usable Gardening Guide full of great color photos & Ideas

I love this book. Of the 1000's of gardening books out there, I've sifted through the chaff to find this gem. Full of stunning Full-Color photos (which are also great design ideas) and practical, affordable supplies, this book has become a mainstay of my gardening library. The author intersperses wit & humor to make this easy-to-follow guide a pleasure to read. While the author seems to be based out of Oregon, the ideas presented translate very well to all parts of North America. Whether your a weekend gardener or full-blown 'Gardener's Market' seller, this volume presents numerous ideas and plans that will make your floral displays the 'Talk of the Town'. From Japanese Ikibana arrangement to 'Old-World' traditional ( & every in between), this books covers all of the practical steps needed to transform your gardening space into a productive floral producing machine...Very Highly Recommended.

Difinitive resource for cut flowers from your garden

I've been looking for a book like this for a long time! I am often at a loss for cut-flower 1) inspiration and 2) knowledge when it comes to flowers from my own garden. I admit I've been a bit intimidated when going out in my yard with shears in hand, fear of "wrecking" what flower display I did have outside. Linda Beutler's extensive first-hand experience as both gardener and florist is helping to dispell the limiting factors of my own beliefs. And, on another level, her creative ideas think outside the box, and add many more plants to what I "thought" could be used for cut flowers. The key for me is, she shows how to SUCCESSFULLY use all these plants--successful both for flower arrangement indoors and for the vigor of the plant that's growing out in your garden. This book tells you everything you need to know, from bloom time to potential in a vase, from how to condition a cut flower properly to the light/soil/water needs of the plant itself. And much more. Lots of artistic inspiration for the beautiful arrangements in vases (and inspiration for the vases!). Encyclopedia sections are comprehensive and easy to read. Linda's writing style is a pleasure, fun and whimsical, from an obviously very intelligent source. My mind is expanded! And it's been a fun journey. Thank you, Linda!

Useful Addition for any Gardener's Library

Although I have dozens of garden books that include cutting and arranging flowers, this one is so much more. It is a top-notch reference book that you will use often, whether or not you are a novice or experienced gardener. Linda Beutler not only tells you exactly how to grow, cut, prepare and arrange flowers in detail, she will inspire you. After reading her book I ventured into my own fall garden with a small bucket of water and shears to cut a few spent hydrangea blossoms, yellow margarites and gold chrysanthemum sprigs, and some wayward shrub branches. I removed a couple of stalks from the zebra grass and picked my one stunning dark purple re-blooming iris to become the center of my arrangement. As I wandered about I also gathered some broken twigs from a recent storm. Using her detailed guidelines for preparing both woody and soft stemmed cuttings, I found a wide-mouthed glass vase and created my own beautiful masterpiece in less than a half hour. The first part of the book covers all the "how-to-do" basics and includes stunning color photos of flower arrangements, many created from typical home gardens. She illustrates design techniques, discusses seasonal uses, advises on which plants (and fruits) to grow or buy for both fresh and dry creations. The second half of the book covers many familiar flowers, vines and shrubs in detail--many photographed in companion plantings. Each entry includes whether it is annual or perennial, planting zone, anticipated size and other details found in most garden books. But then she expands each entry to include garden availability, harvesting, conditioning, vase life and buying tips. Reading her informative and chatty text is more like talking with a gardening friend. For example, tulips are her favorite flowers because her father gave her a bouquet of red tulips for her tenth birthday. This beautiful book is also full of creative ideas for making unusual containers out of pumpkins, gourds and basically anything that will hold water and if it doesn't do that, she has tips for making it work! I could go on and on about what a great garden book this is. If you buy it as a gift for a gardening friend, you'd better get two because once you see what it has to offer, you are going to want to keep it for yourself!

Garden to Vase: Growing and Using Your Own Cut Flowers, By Linda Beutler

What a treasure to add to my gardening library. Linda Beutler offers insights into the creation of floral arrangements and the growth of plants that go into them. The book covers the basics of floral design, giving the reader confidence to explore a fascinating aspect of gardening. Creative uses for plants from your current garden are explored. The tips for harvesting and preparing flowers for arrangements are written in a clear style for beginner and more advanced gardeners. This book includes an alphabetical directory, that describes the flowers, foliage, and fruit of more that 200 plants. Each entry includes the plants habit, hardiness, height, fragrance, and appearance; when it can be harvested; how to grow it; and how it should be conditioned. The photography of flowers and arrangements, done by Allan Mandell, is absolutely exquisite. I would highly recommend this book to all who love the beauty and possibilities of flowers.

Comprehensive, useful and fun.

I have been working on a cut flower project for two years and have done a lot of reading on the subject. I didn't think I really needed another book, but the lovely photos talked me into it. I am so glad they did! Not only have I learned some new things (like how to rinse sap producing flowers so they don't hurt the others in the vase) but the author's friendly and eloquent writing style is so much fun to read. Her rich experience with cut flowers and clear and enjoyable style will benefit everyone. Definitely a gem.

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