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ISBN: 0440240735

Language: English

Publisher: Laurel Leaf

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Here's a great big fantasy that you can pull over your head like a comfy old sweater and disappear into for a whole weekend. Christopher Paolini began Eragon when he was just 15, and the book shows the influence of Tolkien, of course, but also Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, and perhaps even Wagner in its traditional quest structure and the generally agreed-upon nature of dwarves, elves, dragons, and heroic warfare with magic swords. Eragon, a young farm boy, finds a marvelous blue stone in a mystical mountain place. Before he can trade it for food to get his family through the hard winter, it hatches a beautiful sapphire-blue dragon, a race thought to be extinct. Eragon bonds with the dragon, and when his family is killed by the marauding Ra'zac, he discovers that he is the last of the Dragon Riders, fated to play a decisive part in the coming war between the human but hidden Varden, dwarves, elves, the diabolical Shades and their neanderthal Urgalls, all pitted against and allied with each other and the evil King Galbatorix. Eragon and his dragon Saphira set out to find their role, growing in magic power and understanding of the complex political situation as they endure perilous travels and sudden battles, dire wounds, capture and escape. In spite of the engrossing action, this is not a book for the casual fantasy reader. There are 65 names of people, horses, and dragons to be remembered and lots of pseudo-Celtic places, magic words, and phrases in the Ancient Language as well as the speech of the dwarfs and the Urgalls. But the maps and glossaries help, and by the end, readers will be utterly dedicated and eager for the next book, Eldest. (Ages 10 to 14) --Patty Campbell

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Keegan Heneghan

Imaginas que es un granjero simple que se va a cazar para comida y toda su vida cambia. Una explosión de ningún parte y en el centro es una gema misteriosa. Mira inocente pero en unas días desde la gema nace un dragón. Toda su vida va a cambiar. Eso es que paso a Eragon. Todo se va bien y el dragón se crece pero cuando el rey aprende del dragón y algo malo se pase a Eragon el se va de su pueblo. Va con Brom que no más mire como un viejo del pueblo pero es mucho más. Los dos van al sur a encontrar los rebeldes del rey y piensan que ellos pueden ayudar. Ese libro es llenado de acción y misterio. Yo pienso que es uno de los mejores libros fantasías que yo ha leído. Nuca quiere parar de leer y cuando termino el libro yo estaba triste. Rápidamente yo busque el libro siguiente. Yo recomendó ese libro a cualquier persona que está buscando algo a leer. Ese libro va a dejar queriendo más.

A Great Young Person's Read

I have to say after reading some other's less-than-glowing reviews of this book that there is an important, crucial fact they have not seemed to take into consideration-- THIS IS A CHILDREN BOOK. This is not a book written for adults; even though certainly many, many adults have enjoyed it. It's also as certainly written quite as well or perhaps even better than your usual ripped bodice, Danielle Steele or Jacquelyn Suzanne. It is written for the older children-young adult bracket, ages 11 through 17 or thereabouts. I, for one, am grateful my 12 year old son had something as interesting as this to enjoy. It's vital that the kids read. So I say "Hooray for Eragon!"

well i liked it...

i know on here are more bad reviews then good ones but im halfway now and i admit that i really like this book and though it might not live up to lord of the rings. its still not that bad.


I love Eragon If you like fantasy adventure Books this book is definetly a good book to read!Eragon is a poor farm boy who lives with his uncle in a town called Caravahll.When Eragon finds a polished mysterious blue stone in the forest during a hunting trip he dosent know it will change his like forever.Soon eragon reavels a dragon hatchling that has been stolen from the empire. Eragon raises the dragon secretly and the two become inspirable.Overnight Eragon is transformed from poor peasent boy to noble dragon rider.Accompanied by the wise Storyteller Brom Eragon sets off with his noble steed dragon Sapphara to seek his destiny,Avenge the empire,And navagate Dark terraines and enimies that lurk through the empire. Dont miss a chance to read this thriller of a story.

Mejor que la pelicula!

Una fantastica narracion y produccion. Mucho mejor y completa que la pelicula. Recomendado para adolecentes.
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