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Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men (Windsor Selections S)

ISBN: 1558216707

Language: English

Publisher: The Lyons Press

Lowest Price: $3.59

Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men (Windsor Selections S)


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When the author of "Nop's Trials," one of America's best-loved dog books, searches Scotland for a Border Collie, the result is both a vivid history of an astonishing breed and an exploration of the ancient, extraordinary pact between man and dog.

Customer Reviews of Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men (Windsor Selections S)

It's a Keeper

When I first read Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men a few years ago, I had a delightful surprise in the middle. There was a grand photo of Viv Billingham and her remarkable dogs, including her hard-working Holly. While on a walking tour of Scotland, prior to reading this book, we had a most memorable demonstration of sheepherding at Viv's Tweed Hope. McCaig's book captures the intensity, devotion, and the "other worldliness" of shepherding and Scottish competitiveness of which we saw only a momentary frament. Unfortunately, I loaned this book to a Border Collie owner, who moved away and never returned the book. My mistake, because this book is a keeper.

Entertaining and enlightening, a personal adventure.

It probably helps that I own a "bonnie wee bitch" of a border collie myself, but I found this book to be delightful and moving. It's candid and immediate - you're right there rambling through Scotland on the quest yourself. I learned wonderful tidbits about shepherds as well as sheepdogs, and feel as if I might even recognize some of these characters if I passed them on the street - both canine and humanoid. As a result of this book, I've just placed my order for Nops Trials, but more importantly, I have just taken my little border collie to her first herding class and watched in awe as her incredible power and instincts came brilliantly alive. Suddenly, I'm hooked on sheepherding! And as for my dog, she discovered the meaning of life! I don't know if this book will have as profound an impact on all readers, but if you're one of the lucky ones for whom it does - what a rush! It's like finding out that you and your dog really do speak a common language.

Great Read for People Who Shouldn't Get a Border Collie

This is a fascinating read for dog lovers.

I have occasionally had friends decide they wanted a Border Collie - friends I knew should not get a Border Collie. I give them this book and it does a great job of changing their minds. And it entertains them at the same time.

True story and entertaining

I liked this book so much and it stuck with me so when I first read it - the many comments of his "wee bitch" and naming her Gael that my Gael was named from this book. Border collie enthusiasts who see just names on the papers of their dogs may well see some of those names in here. Wonderful people and dogs in real life and an enjoyable read of working dogs, both trials and every day dogs, in Scotland. Loved the someone else mentioned if you're not a fan of border collies you might not find it quite as engaging. Recommended reading for border collie owners!!

Wonderfully enjoyable and marvelously insightful!

A Border Collie owner, I could hardly wait to read this book, and the author's other books, Nop's Trials and Nop's Hope. A one-time visitor to Scotland who can't wait to go back, I eagerly looked forward to this book. And, I was not in the least bit disappointed on either count! The author's style is easy-going and readable, with a subtle humor throughout. His images are brilliant and I just felt like I was present for each scene that he wrote and a part of the action. Someone who has no interest in the working Border Collie might find the book dull. So also might someone who is not particularly interested in the very different lifestyle of the shepherd of Scotland. But for us who love the working Border Collie and find the life of the Scottish shepherd and his/her dog intriguing, this is an absolutely must-read book, over and over again!

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