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Diet for a Small Planet

Diet for a Small Planet


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Here again is the extraordinary bestselling book that taught America the social and personal significance of a new way of eating-- one that remains a complete guide for eating well in the 90s. Featuring: simple rules for a healthy diet; a streamlined, easy-to-use format; delicious food combinations of protein-rich meals without meat; hundreds of wonderful recipes, and much more.

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Probably the best single book on things vegetarian

At the time of the first edition, this book was the best thought out and researched of all. The concept of protein complements, among others, is crucial to making a vegetarian diet work for any length of time. I tried to work with several others, and still have their books which I use occasionally. This one has stuck we me over three continents and as many decades. In times when I wasn't totally vegetarian it still provided a welcome change and a reminder that I wasn't reliant on the local meat market. Of all the books this has the philosophy and practicality to stay with one as a viable guide to a vegetarian lifestyle.With this edition my wife and children have discovered, for quite different reasons (one from concerns about ecology, pollution, additives, GMOs, etc., the other from a more 'economic manipulation of peoples food habits' as well as nutrition) this book once again and found it as relevant now. They were thunderstruck to see my yellowed, fingermarked, and well-worn, copies with notes of variations I had tried. The beauty of the open-ended concept here is understated, but crucial. It has given us a stronger nutritional base as well as contributed to our growth as a family. For someone new to this area this contains some of the most sound nutritional, philosophical, and economic, reasoning I've seen in print. Over time it becomes quite easy to adapt conventional recipes to the methodology in this book. As a guide for your cuisine and your life it is very good indeed.

Small planet, big influence

This is an amazing book. It has lasted longer on the shelves than many other books of its kind and packs an influential punch.The secret of "Diet for a Small Planet" is that it contains something for everyone, whether you believe in vegetarianism, the ecological production of the food supply or just want better health.If you are an animal activist or don't eat meat for religious reasons, Lappe provides valuable info on how to get the proper balance in your diet by matching foods to get all the essential amino acids you need (the building blocks of proteins.) If you are interested in health, you can use Lappe's book to provide alternative main dishes that are satisfying and lower in fat, higher in fiber. Meat is a major source of saturated fats, beans and rice and other grains provide lots of benefits such as soluable and insoluable fiber, vitamins and minerals.If you are ecologically minded, and this is the thrust of the book, you can eat comfortably, knowing your dietary items take up less resources to grow.I don't subscribe to all Lappe's philosophies, yet, this book had and continues to have a major influence on me. Rice and beans or grains and beans are regular items on our table, meatless days outnumber days when meat is on the table, and this is because I read Lappe's book long ago. I am sure I am better for knowing the information here.

Still The Benchmark

Lappe's original book converted me to vegetarianism in college in the early seventies. This is a very convincing argument for responsible eating. Her book was the first to my knowledge that explicitly set out how what we eat in this country affects others abroad. The most frightening aspect of our meat-eating habits then, as now, was the deforestation of huge tracts of land to make more room for raising meat sources. Additionally, this book opened my eyes to the difference between subsistence living in 'third world' countries, as opposed to poverty in those same countries producing goods for Americans. This book is literate and convincing for those willing to open their minds to a different world view. It's 'in your face' without being 'down your throat'.

A book worth buying and giving out to people

If god was able to recomend a book for how to live, and the bible wasn't available this would do for practical purposes when it comes to the parts about eating. I spent years trying to lose weight to feel beautiful. My vanity guided me to everything from weight watchers, to Jenny, Atkins and Phen Phen. After more faliure, I gave up on my vanity and need for outside approval (it wasn't working anyway) one day I finally said screw it. On the next day I found this book at a yard sale for free. This book gave me practical ways to a happy and healthy body for me and my kids. I've never felt better- it's so simple that I scoff at any way to lose weight that dosen't pretty much say just follow nature's way and don't pig out. I also would like to see a planet that is able to sustain our kids. My old methods of eating would have contributed to the planets demise. I can't save the world, but I can act responsibly for my own peace of mind. This book is a way to make a vegitarian lifestyle appealing, satisfying, and fun. This attack of sanity has now caused me to be a happier & healthier person. (I'm also pretty slender) If your smart this book can give you tips to simplify your eating, feel healthier and thus happier.(it is also likely to save you money on your grocery bill and reduce wasteful packaging on processed foods)

Wonder where I've been that I missed this book till now!!??

Oh gosh what can one say about a book that is so insightful and factually sound? I commend Ms. Lappe for pulling together all the data contained in this book. She does not preach nor try to change anyone's mind. The info contained in the book reminded me of that old line "just the facts please." I believe she focused on protein because it is "lack of protein if we don't eat meat" (not vitamins, minerals, iron, etc.) that scare people about giving up meat. Ms. Lappe includes charts and facts and figures -- all kinds of information -- to reassure the reader that plant eaters can in fact get adequate protein from veggies -- minus the artery-clogging fat. Certainly, one gets plenty of vitamins and other nutients from plant/grain foods. Perhaps we bring our personal baggage along when reading such a book. I believe it is wasteful to feed grain to animals when people worldwide are starving and I doubt the earth can continue to support such wastefulness. So I welcome books such as this. Each person should think over the issues then decide. If one decides to stop eating meat or to cut back on the amount eaten, this book is loaded with information to help with food combining in the plant/grain families to make sure one will get the necessary nutrients. The recipes are included to help us along, and I will be referring to them and this book often in the coming weeks (or months!) Ms. Lappe's philosophy gets 5 stars too. I highly recommend this book.

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