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Confessions of a Teen Nanny

Confessions of a Teen Nanny


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Sixteen-year-old Adrienne Lewis is in charge of eight-year-old Emma Warner, the youngest member of the snooty Warner family. Emma is an evil genius who has gotten all five previous nannies fired -- and she's the good news. Because then there's Emma's half brother, Graydon, who goes to college -- yet always seems to be lurking around waiting to hit on Adrienne. But worst of all is Emma's beautiful seventeen-year-old half sister, Cameron, whose reputation as a wild girl, a liar, and a user is known to everyone . . . everyone, that is, except Adrienne.

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LOVES IT!!!!!!

Oh, my God, Adrienne thought. Someone at the party stole Mrs. Warner's jewelry! " Confessions of a Teen Nanny, first in its series. Makes you never want to work with New York socialites no matter the pay. How is a girl like Adrienne going to handle an eight year old super genius, a teen that only likes to party, and the boss? There are a lot of rules. Adrienne has to adapt quickly; she changes from a nanny into a party planner. Her friend Liz gets her a job babysitting an eight-year-old super genius. At first she thinks it's a normal baby-sitting job. She soon realizes Emma's big sister Cameron (Cam) doesn't like to play things the easy way. Cam makes her way into Adrienne's life without her noticing. She takes Adrienne's boyfriend, and tricks her into buying things she can't afford. Will Adrienne ever get out of this mess? I love the way Victoria Ashton portrayed the characters. I really could feel what Adrienne was going through. When Cam started hitting on Brian (her boyfriend). I could feel the way Cam clenched her claws into Adrienne's life. I recommend this book to people whom liked the Clique series, and a little drama in their life. In this book you'll see the good the bad and the outrageously wrong.

Really Juicy

I love this book but it is not a before bedtime book because not only is it: a) not good for kids under 13, b) and it is soo good there is no way to put it down. I had a great time reading it but i must say i had a super hard time putting the book down because of the good juicy secrets revealed after every page with ophra and boys and girls and lots more this book is like a slam book turned into a story, Think: disney meets mtv.

Teen Nanny

This book was about a girl named Adrienne Lewis and how her friend hooked her up for a nannying job for a super rich family in her apartment were she nannies. She gets the job as a nanny to an eight year old girl Emma who acts like shes thirty or something. Adrienne makes great money but is not prepared for some of the obstacles that face her way. She is forced to lie to her best friend and has started a wierd relationship with Emma's older sister taht forces her to lie to her mom. Can Adrienne keep her cool or will she lose her friends trust or more, her friend! I thought this book was very good. It was a fast read and it was very enjoyable. I myself have been a nanny, and some of the things that Adrienne had to deal with were kind of unbeleiveable and over the top how ever this book was still good. I would Recomend this book to teen girls that need to find a good book to read!

Fun and Easy Read

This is a great book to pick up and read on a dull day or to read for a quick read report. Any teen girl can relate to the teen nannies in this book in some way...

Cleverly written and fun to read

Adrienne Lewis is hired to be a nanny for the wealthy Warner family. It's to be a two-week stint --- just until their permanent nanny comes. Her charge, eight-year-old Emma, is an evil genius who has gotten her last five nannies fired, but she likes Adrienne enough. If Adrienne can just manage to help Emma with calculus, French and piano for two weeks, she'll make a quick $1,000. This turns out to be easier said than done, however. Adrienne and Emma adjust to each other, but Emma's mother becomes more and more demanding, constantly asking Adrienne to extend her hours --- which leaves Adrienne less and less time for schoolwork, her best friend Liz, and her boyfriend Brian. And since the new nanny is delayed, Adrienne stays on much longer than two weeks. As if that's not drama enough, there's Cameron, Emma's Paris Hilton-esque half-sister who goes to school with Adrienne's friend Liz. A notorious party girl, Cameron invites Liz and Adrienne out on all her escapades, getting both girls in trouble along the way. She also begins spending time with Adrienne's boyfriend, much to Adrienne's disgust. CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN NANNY is a cleverly written, easy-to-read story. Fans of Gossip Girl, THE NANNY DIARIES, and The Au Pairs will devour this novel, which allows the less privileged a better look into New York City's elite. The final page is a cliffhanger, and a sequel is already on the way. Richly filled with designer gowns, episodes of "Oprah" and New York City hotspots, CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN NANNY is current, hot, and fun to read.

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