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Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing

ISBN: 0844741531

Language: English

Publisher: Aei Press

Lowest Price: $3.59

Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing


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This book is a study of the nature and formation of the moral integrity and intellectual competence that make individuals and institutions worthy of the public trust.

Customer Reviews of Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing

Best overall text on the market for L.E. professionals.

This to-the-point book answers many of the questions that concern officers, supervisors and adminisrators serving communities today. Not a re-hashed, warmed-over version of business management theory rewritten in police jargon, as we find in so many other books professing to be "police text". This book addresses issues ("cop things") in the realm of reality (the"cop world"). Don't let the title fool you, although it has much to say about ethics, this text expands on the "real" ethics of law enforcement; the "street level" use of ethics, morals and values in relation to the reality of the job. Each chapter deals with a diffenent core subject; they can stand alone as a lesson. I constantly review portions when met with a difficult challenge. In my estimation, history will hold this text as one of the best sources of information for professional police offices of all ranks. Many agencies issue a copy of this to all new supervisors. This is one book to have in your desk at all times.

Character and Cops:Ethics in Policing

I used this book in a research paper for a grade and it helped me alot. My professor commented on the facts I used and how up to date the material was. Needless to say, I did earn an A.

Essential reading for law enforcement

This book depicts a geniune need in law enforcement. The need to hire, train, and maintain ethical personnel is explained and stressed to the reader in a way that has been overdue. The occupation of a law enforcement offical world wide has a real need to be a true character , role model, or the public offical that can be trusted. Edwin has a clear style of writing with a no nonsense approach to describe past , present, and future occurrences of police conduct. I believe the criminal justice system would beam with pride and public trust if law enforcement would read and act on the issues and suggestion that Delattre brings forth in this fine book.

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