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Bible Prayers for All Your Needs

Bible Prayers for All Your Needs


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Bible Prayers for All Your Needs

Simply an outstanding book to have along with your bible to pray with. It's near me throughout the day and its' a blessing to me...


When I can't think of anything to pray, this is a very good tool to use. The prayers are short and to the point.

There's a wonderful prayer for everything.

This is a fabulous book. I used to always wonder how to pray to be heard. I learned that praying using the word in your prayer is most effective. This book has a prayer for everything, it has a great index in front, listing any topic you want to pray about. Then it has a Prayer that makes you feel great. I love it, in fact I am getting copies for poeple I care about. Don't miss it if you have ever wondered how to pray.

Your prayers using God's word

I recieved this book from a radio evangelist in California as a gift. We all, or most of us, struggle with our prayers. Not that we hope that they are heard but if we understand them ourselves. This book of "heart" prayers is so alive with the "word" it's as if they were personally extracted from the bible by God himself. By looking at the scripture and reading the prayer you quickly make the "faith" connection that humbles your heart, turns your eyes toward Jesus and reasures your soul that this simple book will bring you closer to God. AMEN

Surprisingly Wonderful

All of the other books I've skimmed that had prayers in it were so goofy or just didn't incorporate the word. They were more like affirmations books.I read the prayers in this book and they really spoke to me. Having the sccriptures from each prayer is also a good way to study.I love it! I already sent one to one of my family memebers.

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