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Apache Summer

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Jamie Slater had survived the Civil War, but he'd never outlive his reputation with a gun . . . THEY WERE WILDER THAN THE WEST . . . Born and raised in frontier Texas, beautiful Tess Stuart needed a hired gun to avenge her uncle's murder. But the only one willing to help was the infuriating, irresistible Lieutenant Jamie Slater -- the man whose passion set her aflame. Jamie knew no woman could match Tess's lust for life. But one man could -- and he would have her, even if he had to fight his way through a hundred crooked lawmen and Indian massacres. For Tess had a spirit that matched his own . . . as wild and strong as the land they both loved.

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Lieutenant Jamie Slater and Jon Red Feather are alerted to the smoke. A small burned out wagon train. Dead cattle, dead bodies - looks like no survivors. Another Indian attack. No survivors that is until he meets up with a hell-cat. Tess Stuart thinks he is one of the attackers. She sure means to defend herself. After he subdues her, he finds out that she claims that the attackers were Von Heusen's men. Jon Red Feather informs Jamie the she is talking about Richard von Heusen, who calles himself a rancher. Von Heusen also wants the Stuart ranch. They take her to the fort where she meets up with Dolly Simmons who is determined to accompany Tess to Wiltshire. Tess also meets Eliza Worthingham, Jamie's former lover, who is determined to have him, permanently. Things heat up - when they get to the ranch in Wiltshire, von Heusen shows up and is backed down by Jamie and Jon. Well the hormones play a big factor in glueing the plot together which leads to some arguements [as usuall]. But she does sign over half of the ranch to Jamie, tieing up all her inheritance to prevent von Heusen from acquiring any of her property. Yup! von Heusen's men are at it again as they abduct Tess and take her to the Comancheros who will in turn sell her to the Apache, Nalte. Nalte wants a blond, white woman for his bride. It is a tale to be unfolded - but Jamie rescues Tess and makes friends with the Apache, Nalte and boy, what a show down when his brothers, Cole and Malachi show up with their wives and children to face down von Heusen and his gunslingers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED --M -- a great trilogy if you can get through all the emotionally mixed-up hormones and the aftermath.

Good History

This book and the two sequels that follow it are typical Heather Graham, which is good news to those of us who enjoy her writing. In addition to the personal stories in each book, the American history in which the characters are involved is handled very well. Graham can see the several sides of the history at the time her characters live - during and after the Civil War. She is one of the better historical romance writers.

A really good book!!

This is the last book in the trilogy of the Slater brothers and I have to admit it that it's one of my favorites of Heather Graham's. Tess Stuart is beautiful, strong-willed and knows what she wants and it's Jamie Slater. Jamie Slater is really a great hero, he's sexy, a litte bit arrogant but tender at the same time. Dark Stranger (the first in the trilogy)with Cole and Kristin is another favorite of mine, so i recommend that one too.

Slater Brothers Lasaga continues...Jamie & Tess's story

The sequel to Rides A Hero - the story continues. Though the Civil War is over Jamie has continued a lieutenant on the frontier of Texas protecting settlers during Indian raids. His 2 older brothers settled down but Jamie never found the one he couldn't live without so he's still single. While traveling with her rich uncle Tess Stuart's wagon train is raided and her uncle is murdered. It is left to look like an indian massacre but Tess knows better. The man who owns the town has been harrassing the Stuarts for a while now to sell out their ranch to him but they have refused. Now Tess is left to advenge her homeland herself. But she can't do it by herself. What better person to help her than one of the Slater Brothers who are know to be able to handle a gun. Tess's spirited personality captures Jamie's heart and the battle is on. The reader even "sees" Cole and Malachi show up with their families to help Jamie out. So it's good seeing the family come together once more. Kristin and Shannon still prove to be spirited themselves. It's a lot of fun reading-one I think you will enjoy.

A Great Story And A Great Way To End The Series

This book is the end of the series and its sad because they were all GREAT books and this is one is no exception!! Jamie finds his match and looses his heart to Tess!! Just like Cole and Malachi Jamie has the temper and stength to be a great and romatic hero and just like Kristin and Shannon Tess has the temper and independence and stength to match Jamie. Story was so good had to make myself go slow so I didn't finish it so fast that it would be all over so quickly!! This book was hard to find also but finally found it through Harqeulin at the same time I found Rides A Hero. This Book was just like the others worth every bit of effort it took to find and diffently worth the wait. I wonder if Jon has his on story and I wonder if Matthew, Shannon and Kristin brother had a story and did I miss it, I know he found a wife but I would love to read the book if there is one?

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