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Annie Oakley's Girl

Annie Oakley's Girl


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Rebecca Brown is the author of The Terrible Girls, The Gifts of the Body, What Keeps Me Here, and The Dogs.

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Ethereal beauty

Rebecca brown's main talent in her writing is being able to portray a feeling of intimacy and love between two people that everyone can relate to. Although the author is in fact a lesbian, you are not able to tell in her stories, because gender does not become an issue. Her use of pronouns and usage is so simple and straight-forward that you find yourself thinking of your own lover in her terms-whether they are same sex or not. Annie Oakley's Girl gives a glance into this emotionally complex and beautiful world that she is able to weave. From selfish lovers to being haunted by something or someone none of us can seem to find, her stories will stay with you and teach you something as well. It gives both sides of the spectrum: the simple and the twisted versions of what love can become. I was spellbound and speechless when I was done. I recommend it to everyone. Her point of view is something we should all recognize at least once. (and this is a great place to start)

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Publisher:City Lights Publishers
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