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Aggression Replacement Training: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth

Aggression Replacement Training: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth


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This book is now out of print. It has been published as a third edition that is available with the ISBN 9780878226375.

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good book

if this is the field you are interested in then this is a good book to read. Very through.

Too advanced for the average person

I bought this book hoping to gleam some good information about handling aggression in teens and children. However, the book is only good for someone who plans on using or already uses ART as a program and it does not have information that can be useful outside of the program. The most disappointing part of the book is that it is VERY dry to read. If you don't know the lingo you will be scratching your head at a lot of it. It is like reading a research article in a scientific journal. I don't want to discourage anyone who knows about this from getting this book. That is why I gave it four stars, but I did want to warn those who come from a parental or teacher perspective who might want to buy the book expecting it to provide information about why teens are aggressive or how to handle situations of aggression or antisocial behavior. This book is really for youth counselors who uses ART as a way to deal with children in their program. (A very specific audience)

A handbook for Teen Agression for anyone!

I picked up this book expecting it to be somewhat dry and dull. I was wrong. As the parent of a child with violent tendencies, I found things to help me. As a Social Work student planning on specializing in kids like mine, I found it a book I'll be glad to have for a long time. I have reccommended it to teachers and administrators, counsellors and other professionals as well. I'm seriously considering taking some more classes in education so that I could learn how to do this in school programs. I'm currently searching to find more information on this program and possibly attend their training.This book is a keeper :)

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