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Adobe Premiere 5.0 Classroom in a Book

ISBN: 1568304676

Language: English

Publisher: Adobe Pr

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Adobe Premiere 5.0 Classroom in a Book


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If you've set out to master Premiere 5 and don't know where to begin, get this thorough, well-illustrated book. It guides you through everything from basic interfaces to the process of assembling complex movies, and features step-by-step instruction and project files on an included CD-ROM. Each chapter also includes review questions and answers as well as an "exploring on your own" section. First you get a tour of the Premiere interface. You start a project, add clips and audio, and edit and export the video. You also explore concepts central to digital video editing, such as frame size, resolution, video data compression, video capture, transparency, superimposing, audio, and output. Next, you learn basic editing techniques such as importing clips, working with the Timeline and the Source view, previewing and fine-tuning your work, and applying transitions. You go on to use audio clips, learn about three-point and four-point editing, work with clip linking, and use the Extract, Lift, Paste Custom, Slip, and Trim functions. Later lessons teach you how to create titles, superimpose clips, add motion, apply audio and video filters, and create subclips and virtual clips. --Kathleen Caster

Customer Reviews of Adobe Premiere 5.0 Classroom in a Book

Best Book To Buy For Premiere (Rated By Presky)

I am 14 years old and am doing the video yearbook at Maroa-Forsyth High School. It is a new idea that I brought up last year. Now we are starting up and are going to use Premiere to do the DV editing w/a Sony DCR-TRV 110 D8 Handycam. The book not only is helpful on how to use this complex program, but helps me some with my settings that I need to configure the DV in/out on the Sony VAIO laptop we use. It has great descriptions, pictures, and is for sure well written (I can understand it quite well.). The CD-ROM enclosed also contains the project files for the example productions. It is not only easy to use and learn, but fun as well. I STRONGLY reccommend it to anyone wishing to use Premiere 5.x.

WOW.......If I had only discovered this series earlier

I just spent a great deal of money to learn this program. If I had only had the book sooner, I could of saved almost a months rent. The book is designed to teach all users of all skill levels at a pace in which they feel comfortable. Each lesson is laid out logically in a very dynamic user freindly fashion. You are immediately impressed with the programs ability before even making it past page 23. What I liked best about this style of book was that you can learn at your own pace. You decide when its time to move forward. It takes the functions that you learn on one lesson and incorporates them into the next. Therefore enhancing and strengthning your knowledge. I am so impressed with the series that I will be purchasing the remainder of the books available for the programs I already own

This is a great book.

Adobe's Classroom in a Book series are the best software training books I've ever used. This one is no exception. It's very logical, clear, and well thought-out. The CD that's included is well integrated with the training provided in the book. I also have the Photoshop 5 and PageMaker 6.5 editions, and they're great too.

I wish Macromedia would publish books like this for their products.

great hands-on tutorial

Adobe Photoshop "Classroom in a Book" belongs to the series of "hands-on software training workbooks", published by Adobe. This book is written by people who know Photoshop better than anyone else, and is apparently intended to be an exercise book additional to the Photoshop manual. Indeed, it even uses some of the images which appear in the Photoshop manual. However, it can as well be used as an independent tutorial. The book is amazingly well written. Each chapter briefly explains the function of the tools discussed below, and then offers a practical lesson using images from the enclosed CD. The language of the book is very concise and easy to understand, which makes it suitable for people with every background, from middle-school students to professionals. The balance between the complexity of the tasks and the amount of information to learn is very well maintained. Description of the steps to follow is very accurate. I found only few minor mistakes in the text, which did not cause any significant misunderstandings.

Despite all these advantages, two issues should be emphasized to avoid disappointment. First, this book does not contain much more than can be found in the Photoshop Manual or online help. Therefore, this book can be recommended primarily for the beginners, maybe for some people on the intermediate level, who are learning the basic techniques of Photoshop. It does not go into details of how photoshop can be used to make those amazing tricks with photographs which can be done by photoshop experts. Secondly, this book IS a workbook, a practical tutorial, but not more than that. This means that you read it from the beginning to the end, do the tutorials, hopefully learn a lot, but most likely will never use this book again. This book is not a good reference, and it makes little sense to repeat the lessons more than once or twice. Therefore this book frequently appears on Amazon auctions, sold by people who used it and do not need it anymore. But it is still a great book!

This book truly enables anyone to use Premiere with ease.

Adobe Premiere Classroom in a Book is by far one of the most useful software guides I have ever purchased. The interactive style allows the user to get the "hands-on learning" needed to truly become proficient using Adobe Premiere. For anyone who uses video software to create quality videos, this is a must have for anyone who uses Premiere.

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