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Active Server Pages 3.0: Your visual blueprint for developing interactive Web sites

Active Server Pages 3.0: Your visual blueprint for developing interactive Web sites


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Plenty of books have been published on ASP, but many lack the technical depth to teach you how to build a complete ASP-driven site. Look no further, because Active Server Pages 3.0: Your Visual Blueprint for Developing Interactive Web Sites delivers a visual, step-by-step approach to building dynamic Web applications by using ASP. This book is a sort of toolbox, and sports a simple format that guides the reader through straightforward examples. Instructions and demonstrations are given for over 100 core tasks, each of which is broken down into two-page lessons, with accompanying screen shots that illustrate them visually. Along the way, you'll learn how to work with cookies, query strings, database connections, and custom error messages. The Apply It section takes you one step further than the core lesson by illustrating fine touches, such as delivering user-friendly error messages. The Extra section gives examples of important shortcuts, tips, and tricks, such as how to abort the execution of a For...Next loop. Both of these elements include ready-to-run code. A Reference section includes more commonly used VBScript and ASP statements for easy access. As a bonus, the companion CD-ROM includes all of the sample code from each of the two-page lessons, shareware versions of additional programs that you can use (like ASP Express), and an e-version of the book. This is an indispensable and valuable guide for novice ASP programmers. --Stephen W. Plain Topics covered: Personal Web Server (PWS) VBScript Variables Statement syntax Control structures Functions and subroutines Cookies URL encoding Web applications Database connectivity Components Error handling

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great book to learn ASP for beginner

After reading other ASP hand-on books, I was overwhelmed and yet confused with different techniques and examples. I am glad that I discovered this book. It explains all the basics concisely and gives a global view of what ASP can do. Now I can fit all the pieces together which puzzled me earlier. This is definitely a good starter as well as a time-saving reference.

Great book. Concise and to the point examples

I don't take the time to write a review very often but I have to give it to the Visual Blueprint Series. The book devotes an extensive chapter near the front of the book (I believe chapter 3) to cover the many aspects of programming, i.e. loops, variables, function calls, strings, and operators. It also covers scripts, HTML tags, ect. Then the remainder of the book is mostly 2 page examples of how to implement these into ASP pages. There is no fluff, it gets right to the point. Many other books touch on subjects and then move on leaving you with these "But what if..." questions. This book doesn't leave you wondering. I give it an A+

Excellent is an understatment

What I most enjoyed about the book is the strategy employed in teaching newbies the basics and fundamentals of asp. It is refreshing that such a book takes a visually inspiring approach to teach people who might find it hard to grasp the language in the first place. Even there service is excellent, i had a faulty cd that came with the book, i emailed customer service and in no time they sent me a new cd, and I live on the other side of the world.

I love these publishers

I can't begin to describe how we like the Maran family for their publishing acumen! So often one buys "How To" books only to be faced with some the worst writing around. This is especially true of computer programmers who should never publish a book without the guidance of a first rate literary communicator. The Maran team excels at written communication. They are simply the best!

For beginners/ right brainers this is THE book for ASP

I have looked at many how-to developer books on ASP, Javascript, VB, etc.. and for those of us artists, right-brainers, beginners; those of us who didn't gravitate to writing BASIC in 4th or 5th grade, IDG's Visual series is THE series. Maran Graphics out if Toronto (I think) did a tremendous job putting together a consistent, highly VISUAL step-by-step layout that doesn't compromise content for 'cute-sie'.I just returned a 2-book set (something like ASP and Visual Interdev in 24 hours. It was one of the ". . .in 24 hours" books. DON'T LET IT'S POPULARITY FOOL YOU. IT WAS THE WORST BOOK OF ITS KIND THAT I'VE BOUGHT IN YEARS.Yes, maybe for the naturals who don't need screen shots to 'get it', this series won't work, but for the rest of us, IDG's Visuals are the only way to go.

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