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Acorna's Rebels

Acorna's Rebels

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Acorna's people, the Linyaari, have begun reclaiming their homeworld from the ravages of the brutal Khleevi. But the first wave of explorers has unlocked a larger mystery about the origins of the Linyaari -- one that has led Aari, Acorna's beloved lifemate, on a dangerous journey from which he may never return.Setting off on a quest to find Aari, Acorna and her friends -- Captain Becker, Mac, Nadhari, and RK -- are forced to crash land on the beautiful and barbaric exotic jungle world of Makahomia, home of the mysterious Temple Cats. But an evil scheme threatens to destroy the sacred felines. To save the cats, Acorna will lead a band of rebels on a journey into Makahomia's temples and hidden sanctuaries.And there, within one sacred shrine, she will discover shocking information that could lead to Aari . . .or to disaster.

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I recieved the book in wonderful condition. I am very impressed on how fast I recievd the book. I enjoyed the book very much. Thank you for doing a wonderful job!

Is this it?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this book, very much so. But the end irritated me. Shoudln't there be more? I don't think the authors left much space to write another book, and if you don't like everything coming to peace in the end, it was a perfect end to the series. But really, there should be another, when Aari returns, with his brother, but something needs to happen, too. But there is no space I can see open for another adventure. I did enjoy this book, with finding outNadhari's secrets, the Mulzar wanting to destroy the sacred cats, it's an enjoyable book, if maybe a slight bit slower than the other books. I was also confused on the Miw-Sher thing. OK, she was a baby. Tagoth didn't know her identity, so how on earth did she take discovering her true identity so calmly? I recommend the book, though I wish there was more detail and a chapter or two more to wrap up the loose ends.

A Conspiracy Against Cats

Acorna's Rebels is the sixth novel in the Acorna series, following Acorna's Search. In the previous volume, Acorna has found a hidden city on Vhiliinyar where she was transported to the past. While she was away, her mate Aari has also traveled back in time searching for her and was still gone when she returned to the present.In this novel, Acorna is spending her time refining and re-refining the design for restoration of Vhiliinyar while waiting for Aari to return. Jonas and Roadkill, the Makahomian temple cat, convince her to relax a little and accompany them back to the Moon of Opportunity to visit their friends. Once there, Hafiz talks Acorna into visiting Nirii as an emissary of the Linyaari to solicit additional help in restoring Vhiliinyar and, incidentally, to take the Wats (unicorn hunters from ancient times) away from his wife, Karina. They also persuade Nadhari to go along to provide security.While enroute to Nirii in Condor, Jonas' conglomerate of a ship, RK bumps the warp controls and sends them to an unexpected destination. In the emergency, the warp computer and long range communicator have been rendered inoperative and they are forced to send out a mayday signal. They are rescued by an agricultural implements saleman, Scaradine MacDonald, who tows them to the nearest repair yard with his tractor beam. By some odd chance, this yard is located on Nadhari's home planet, Makahomia, and there they are introduced to Nadhari's cousin, Mulzar Edo Kando sach Pilau dom Mog-Gim, Temporal Ruler of the City of Hassim and the Mog-Dim Plateau. Nadhari is not very pleased to see her cousin and subsequent events show that he is not very popular with his subjects either.Soon Acorna learns that the Makahomian temple cats in the city are dying of a mysterious plague and quickly visits the temple to save four of them. However, the plague seems to be spreading elsewhere on the planet and infecting other animals and even people. Acorna is determined to use her healing talents wherever they are needed, but soon learns that Mulzar is trying to use these talents to justify a war of conquest to bring the rest of the planet under his rule. Moreover, Acorna is having dreams of Aari in connection with Makahomia itself.Another complication is the harsh penalties against the possession of temple cats outside the temples. While RK has been thought to be a temple cat, it quickly becomes obviously that he is a prime specimen of the breed and therefore jailbait for Jonas and company if RK is discovered aboard. However, RK has his own agenda and is able to come and go as he pleases, despite every effort to restrict him. Moreover, RK decides that now is the time to initiate telepathic contact with Acorna, so that she can be aware of his desires while away from his presence. For a change, RK's efforts to repopulate the planet with his own progeny is greatly appreciated by a people deprived of so many of their own temple cats.This story is a pleasure to r

mostly for long time fans of the series or either author

Acorna listens to any information that would lead to her finding her missing mate Aari who vanished in ACORNA'S SEARCH. However, no clues have surfaced leaving the Linyari concerned with worry that reflects in her brow even with the unicorn horn in the middle of her forehead. Captain Becker, CEO of Becker Interplanetary Recycling and Salvage Enterprises, persuades Acorna to accompany him on his ship Condor leaving the terraforming of her planet Vhiliinyar for Makahomia, home to First Mate RK.On Makahomia, the crew finds a deadly plague killing RK's peers, the sacred Temple cats. Acorna uses the healing prowess of her horn to stop the deadly disease before devastation occurs. However, Acorna and her allies soon discover a malevolent collusion of epic proportions that stretch time and space and could lead to Aari or death for herself, her friends, and multitudes of sentient beings crossing various species.ACORNA'S REBELS will provide two things to fans of the series. First, readers will relish the heroine's latest action-packed adventures. Second it appears that the reunion is several tomes into the future. The story line is fun though simplistic even with an interstellar conspiracy to propel it forward. Acorna remains a troubled brave lead character and the support cast add depth. However, this tale provides little new except perhaps some insight into the world of RK and is mostly for long time fans of the series or either author.Harriet Klausner

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