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Acorna's People

Acorna's People

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"Welcome home, Linyaari child!"Acorna's quest has paid off. With the help of her "uncles" and the thousands of humans who love and admire her, she has found her true people at last. And they have found her--Khornya, daughter of the illustrious Feriila and the valiant Vaanye, who was given up for lost after the insect-like Khleevidestroyed their home planet.Abandoned in space as a baby, rescued and raised by gruff human asteroid miners, Acorna is at last among her own. The beautiful healing horn in the center of her forehead and the "funny" feet and hands that once set her apart now make her one with the telepathic Linyaari who live on as lush agrarian planet where they pursue their peaceful dreams. Acorna's people welcome her with a lavish costume ball--and an already-chosen mate! But Acorna still has much to do before she can enjoy the peaceful home she is offered. The legendary resting place of the lost Linyaari ancestors has yet to be found. With the help of the rogue spacetrader Becker and his cat, RK (RoadKill), Acorna must strive to right an unspeakable wrong and defeat an enemy even more cruel than the Khleevi themselves. In the search, Acorna and her new friends rescue another survivor, also given up for lost. Most importantly, though, Acorna at last uncovers the Universe's most carefully guarded secret--the true nature of the ancient link between the hoofed, telepathic Linyaariand the space-faring humans she has come to think of as her "people" as well. In all literature, there is no creature more wondrous, no girl more beautiful, no youth more adventurous than Anne McCaffrey's beloved Unicorn Girl. Acorna and Acorna's Quest told of her childhood and early youth. Now award-winning author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough joins Anne McCaffrey to continue the saga of this beloved character in a story that will delight every fan and win new hearts, too. Acorna's People is a story for readers of all ages--especially those who have not yet lost (or who still remember) the magic that lives in the hearts of the young.

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A great ending to the Trilogy

I wasn't impressed with the second book Acorna's Quest, so I didn't plan on reading this, but I did and I was surprised. It's actually very good, much better then I thought. In this book you learn much more of the back ground of the Linyyari, and their home world and how they are related to the mythical unicorns. I think it's very realistic in a way. The way the others act towards Acorna, the way she feels and how she is accepted. They don't just take her in with loving arms. A good end to a Tilogy, but the end does leave many things unfinished and thats annoying.


I thought Acorna's People was an excellent book. It has a good plot to it. The descriptions of the characters were very descriptive, and I thought the way she made the Linyaari so human, and yet not human, was fascinating. Acorna herself was a startling combination of human characteristics in an alien atmosphere. My favorite part of the book was definately the ending. It left you hanging, and I can't wait for the next book to come out in August so that I can read it. Anne McCaffrey is one of the best authors whose works I've read. This book certainly lives lives up to my standards of her. In my opinion, this is as good as her Pern series.

Best so far!

The Acorna series has grown from a curious, uninformed buy to my favorite Anne McCaffrey-collaboration series. I was instantly charmed by the young girl who they called "Acorna" in the first book, and after I had finished that book, waited for the sequel which had been promised. I soaked that one up, finding it to be even better than the first. I realized there were a few loose ends at the end of Acorna's Quest, but thought little of it. When I first saw an advertisement for Acorna's People, therefore, I literally cheered out loud!Acorna's People did not let me down. From the beautiful cover (the first to actually get Acorna's features somewhat right, as well as the first I'd ever seen to use vanilla as the predominant color) to the wonderful typeface, and, oh, the story!Anne McCaffrey brings out her very best in character creation skills once again, giving us Jonas Becker, a return to the grizzled space miners of the first book, and his delightful sidekick RK (Roadkill), and a deliciously horrible villain, along with a delightful cast of Liinyari to open up an entirely new direction for Acorna - once again.I have always loved Anne's work, and, though I had not yet read her Scarborough collaboration, the Paytabe series, I am quite pleased with Elisabeth's contributions, which are admittably harder to spot than Margret Ball's in the first two novels - A tribute to their ability to work as a team. I won't say that a change of coauthors has done the series good - that wouldn't be fair to margaret, whose wonderful portrayal of Acorna on Kizdet first got me hooked on the series - but I will say a fresh writing style has opened up brand new worlds for Acorna (literally, even), and I eagerly await the next book in the series, already promised us after the next "Pegasus" novel.

Excellent novel with deffinite room for more.

Acorna's People is my favorite in the Acorna series. It is action-packed and romantic. Acorna is basically a full-grown Linyarii by this time and is prepared to choose a life mate. The one she chooses could have a book of his own, he has been through so much. This novel takes place on the new Linyarii home world and it is fascinating how Acorna has been introduced to her people and how she is coping with them on their planet. It is evident that Acorna has a little bit of the "barbaric" humans in her and it takes her awhile to get used to some of her people's customs. This novel is fast-paced and exciting. It is one of my new favorite books. There is deffinetely room for a sequel. I thought that a lot of things were left out of this trilogy. For example, we never found out if Acorna's body will stabilize or if in a few years she will be old. Overall, this book had a strong hold on me and I found it hard to put down. I give it five stars.

New co-author, but still the same McCaffrey

This third novel in the Acorna series has seen a change in co-author, but the storyline is as strong as it was in Acorna, and improves on Acorna's Quest. Acorna has finally been reunited with her own race, and she has made some startling discoveries about them, including the fact that they come in different colours!!. As with other books by McCaffrey, three main storylines come rushing towards a dramatic climax that will take you on a ride that leaves you breathless and fully sated. There is room for another novel easily, as Acorna and her chosen male companion head off into the stars with two new friends who are as unique as Acorna's collection of Uncle's from the first two novels. Plenty of old friends abound in this novel, but Scarborough and McCaffrey have introduced new friends that will no doubt appear in future Acorna novels by this compelling team of authors.

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