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A Parent's Guide to Seattle

A Parent's Guide to Seattle


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From Seattle's vibrant downtown, with its historic and hip districts, to its many unique neighborhoods and surrounding natural wonders, this travel guide takes a look at the entire region and highlights entertaining and educational activities parents and kids can enjoy together. Classic Seattle tourist destinations-such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Pacific Science Center, and the Underground Tour-are presented with a family focus, as are unique and out-of-the-way sights such as the giant Volkswagen-eating troll, majestic Snoqualmie Falls, the Enchanted Forest theme park, Gasworks Park, and the store that sells size 74 underpants.

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Your Friend in Seattle

Every parent knows that before one can call a vacation "successful," the kids have to be happy about it. Before heading out of town, what's the first thing a wise parent does? She calls her good friend who either A) lives in the city she's visiting, or B) vacationed there last year. We all need a little advice on where to eat, what to do for fun, what to avoid. The problem is, we don't always have a friend handy in our chosen destination. Well now we all have a friend in Seattle, and his name is Tom.Tom Hobson's book, "A Parent's Guide to Seattle," is frank and humourous, and packed with information not every friend has at his fingertips. You'll find tips on restaurants, funky stores and educational opportunities, as well as maps, historical facts and ticket prices. It's a full-service guide obviously written by a true fan of Seattle, and someone who treasures it's unique offerings. Whether you're visiting Seattle for the first time, are a new Seattle-area resident, or a native looking for some diversions, you'll enjoy Tom Hobson's book. And we can all use another friend.


This is a great activity guide to Seattle from the point of view not only of a Dad, but of the Dad and his daughter [now five] and with a range of activities for tiny through teenage kids. It's not only for whole families, but for Dads and Mothers alone with a child or children on an excursion. It's enticing and reassuring at the same time -- so that, for example, a grandmother [myself] can imagine exploring new places with her grandchildren in a spirit of confidence. There are many helpful hints and asides along the way. And there are a few places most long-time residents probably have never heard of. Certainly even those with no children at home will find it helpful when out-of-town guests with kids come to stay. The Guide also includes some pedagogical suggestions, such as the one on preparing your little one(s) for an hour or two at an art museum. Buy, read and reap the rewards. I'd be glad if Hobson would start scouting out some other Pacific Northwest cities. Vancouver B.C., Mr. Hobson?

A "Must Have" for Residents and Visitors Alike

A REVIEW FROM A MOTHER OF 4 CHILDREN (ages 4 months to 13 years) - - - That should add credibility!What a fun book!!! Definitely a "must have" for visiting families and a wonderful opportunity for Seattle residents to re-visit their beautiful city through the eyes of a child.Unlike other guide books, A Parent's Guide to Seattle is not just a directory listing of all the places to go and things to see in Seattle. Mr. Hobson has hand-selected his favorite Seattle destinations and his thorough descriptions will arm busy parents with enough fun facts and background information to make the most of every visit. It is obvious that Mr. Hobson's selections are based on real-life experiences with children and an ear to his own "inner child". The result is a book filled with recommendations that will appeal to both children and parents alike.

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