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The Secret of Love: Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1570431140
ISBN-13: 9781570431142
Publisher: Eckankar
Release Date: October, 1997
Length: 244 Pages
Weight: 15.04 ounces
Dimensions: 8.4 X 6.66 X 0.65 inches
Language: English

The Secret of Love: Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14

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Open your heart to yourself and others. Gain a greater sense of spiritual consciousness. Awaken into a larger room.

Your life is what you have made it. If you can learn from the lessons you have created for yourself, you'll find greater happiness, peace, and freedom from fear. The Secret of Love, the fourteenth book of The Mah...
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Customer Reviews

  Love all around us

Harold Klemp shows us that there is love all around us and the secret is to be aware of it and to add our own. Nowadays you can become depressed just watching the news or reading the newspapers: so much is about hate, war, violence, gratuitous sex. Harold Klemp tells us stories of people who succeed in their lives because they choose to love or see the love in others. I found his book inspiring and a good soul-soothing read.

A man stuck up on top of a roof in the hot blazing sun discovers symbolic parallels between his current dilemna and his actions in daily life. (pg227). Cleaning out a refridgerator and making room for the preferences of her loved one- a woman realizes how she and her financee can both honor their respective religious beliefs within their up-coming marriage, without conflict, by "cleaning out the storage area of their hearts", providing enough room for each.(pg222) A business man on a trip far away from home, awakened by the familiar inner sound of his dog barking a "good morning greeting" miles and miles, away reflects on the bond of love between people and pets, (pg 94) This book is about love, Divine Love. The author, Harold Klemp writes that it is Divine Love that binds people, animals and all beings together in this world and in the other worlds. The secret of Divine Love is revealed in the smaller acts of love that one gives and receives daily. The book is filled with true stories of people sorting out their lives, gaining insightful information, and finding greater happiness, peace and freedom from fear. I liked best the experience of the gentleman trying to avoid an accident, whose car plunged 120 feet over a cliff, -- and how he survived. (pg40) Now that's a turning point!