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Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook (Kaplan GRE Math Workbook)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 141955221X
ISBN-13: 9781419552212
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Release Date: August, 2008
Length: 352 Pages
Weight: 1.72 pounds
Dimensions: 10.79 X 8.35 X 0.79 inches
Language: English

Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook (Kaplan GRE Math Workbook)

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Customer Reviews
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List Price: $23.99

NEW! Details and practice for the new question type

Hundreds of test-like practice questions

Detailed answer explanations

Proven score-raising strategies

Tactics for solving all question types

Review of core math concepts

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Customer Reviews


I am from Saudi Arabia. I am advising you to prepare for GRE math test by start with "Kaplan GRE exam math workbook" after you finish from this book you will gain the basic knowledge of mathematics and make you more faster to solve math problems, then it best to you to start with math section in "Barron's GRE preparation" because the Barron book has advanced math and difficult questions which help you to become familiar with difficult questions in real GRE test.
This is the best method for math preparation.
Good Luck
  Excellent supplement to GRE study

This was a great product, but I think students for the GRE need to recognize what it is for. It is meant for students who need extra review and practice on problems, more than what the comprehensive test books cover.

It does go into extensive detail about math you use on the exam. The first half covers the kinds of math (arithmetic, algebra, and geometry) and reviews those things we learned in high school, but may have forgotten. The second half covers the question types (comparison, word problems, and data analysis). There is a lot of material, so you have to skim through what you know and focus on your weaknesses.

I got this book after going through a comprehensive GRE test book and taking several practice tests. I was weak on the quantitative section, so I needed extra work, and this helped. My math score did improve dramatically after a week of intensive study with this book.

So, I recommend that you don't get this book when you start studying for the GRE. For people that are already strong in math, a regular GRE book might be enough. But if you practice and see that your math score is weak, use this one and study hard! It will definitely help.
  Use this book for astounding results!

I bought this book in an attempt to review high school math concepts that I hadn't used in over a decade. It far exceeded my expectations. There are chapters for basic review of each of the math concepts tested on the GRE--and most helpful, at the end of the book, there are 3 chapters that combine all the concepts into problem solving questions exactly like those that are likely to appear on the test iteself. Furthermore, the explanations are clear and easy to understand. I took the GRE last week and was stunned when I saw my math scores. I have already recommended this book to friends who are long out of high school!

I strongly feel that some of the reviews of this book posted here are too harsh. Judging from a few of the comments, it seems that some might expect this to prepare them for the GRE Math Subject Test - which is very different from this book's intention, which is to prepare one for the math section of the General Test. The level of difficulty of the problems is not too hard - if you're looking to score a 800, this may not be the book for you - but it's perfect for those of us struggling to get over the 650 mark. The practice problems, for the most part, realistically resemble what one might encounter on the acutal test, and there are only a few GRE-tested math subjects that don't appear in this book. In just over a week of studying primarily with this book, I went from practice tests in the mid-600's range to a 720 on the actual test, so it definitely seemed to be a good investment.
  Great Product in Conjunction with Others

The Math Workbook provided me with much needed practice questions and answers that I couldn't get with some of the other study manuals I was using. I needed more practice to help me remember how to do the math and the other books offered explanations but with few or no opportunities for me to try the lessons out myself. This will not help you learn how to take the test as well as other books, so I suggest you start with a basic GRE review first. If you need extra math help, especially if you are looking for extra practice problems, definitely turn here next.