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Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching For Equity and Justice - Volume 2
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0942961277
ISBN-13: 9780942961270
Publisher: Rethinking Schools Ltd
Release Date: May, 2001
Length: 240 Pages
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Dimensions: 10.7 X 8.3 X 0.6 inches
Language: English

Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching For Equity and Justice - Volume 2

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The new companion volume to the original Rethinking Our Classrooms is packed with compelling articles about teaching, as well as curriculum ideas, lesson plans, and resources, all grounded in the realities of the classroom. Like the bestselling first volume, Rethinking Our Classrooms, Volume 2 is an invaluable tool for educators ...
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Customer Reviews

  Recommened for social justice teaching

[....]I highly recommend this book for teachers who seek to raise issues of cultural awareness, racism, sexism, poverty and injustice in their classroom

RS articles are written for teachers and most of them are written by practicing teachers, not university professors. The popularity of the journal and book is that the editorial staff works hard to push its writers to weave in the voices of their students in their writing. You hear writers thinking through their teaching and inviting readers to take young people seriously.

The journal and the book take on hard issues like standardized testing, school descrimination, vouchers, multicultural inclusions, globalism, the civil rights movement, assessment, colonialism, homelessness, and gay/lesbian rights. These issues are addressed through varied academic disciplines whereby reading, writing, math, group work, technology, film, activisim, and lots of student reflection are used to explore these issues. So students not only develop an understand the issues, they also develop academic skills.

Many teacher education programs in this country have find RS and the book very useful for preparing perspective teachers to meet the needs of growing multicultural, economically diverse communities of students who so much want what they are being taught to be relevant and useful in their lives.

Finally, the book is loaded with curriculum ideas, lesson plans, poetry, varied resources useful for mostly social science, history and humanities courses.

If you're serious about social justice teaching, you won't be disappointed in this book.

  Education Classic

Rethinking Classroooms is, still, one of the most important books on education. Instead of focusing on the negative of modern schools, this book only focuses on what other instructors have been successful with. It is a great resource for future/current teachers as well as a good quick read for anybody.