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Girls Rule: A very special book created especially for girls (Teens & Young Adults)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0883966271
ISBN-13: 9780883966273
Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts
Release Date: November, 2001
Length: 64 Pages
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Dimensions: 8.4 X 5.4 X 0.3 inches
Language: English

Girls Rule: A very special book created especially for girls (Teens & Young Adults)

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(Avg. 4.8)
Customer Reviews
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This is a book for girls. For girls who are thinkers and believers. For girls who are readers and changers and dreamers. For girls who look for rainbows and friendship. For girls who are not afraid to be different.Join one such girl, Penelope J. Miller, as she narrates this book, becomes your friend, and takes you on a journey th...
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Customer Reviews


I bought this book for my ten year old daughter and she finished it in about a day. I then read it to her, with the feeling it demanded. It is a very powerful book that speaks to the heart of girls. It is encouraging, funny, empowering and very, very positive. I plan to buy two more copies and give them to my best friend and sister. Even we adults could use some nurturing to the girl within us. Every girl should have this book and every mother should read it with/to her!!
  Great Gift

I gave this book to my niece one year as a birthday gift. She liked it so well, that this year my co-leaders and I gave it to all the girls in our 2nd grade Brownie troop. They were thrilled. I wouldn't give it to girls much older than that, though. It's fairly simple.
  Beautifully written and empowering!

I absolutely LOVE this book. I bought it today for my 8 year old daughter. This book contains the perfect words of encouragement, empowerment and insight that all girls need to hear, again and again. Yet put in a very simple, to the point format. My daughter and I sat down, read this from cover to cover together, and then she just kept reading it and smiling. I even looked over at her once this evening and she was hugging the book.
This book is something that every girl should have to remind her of all of the amazing gifts she possesses. I plan to buy a copy for my nieces as well. BRAVO!!
  WONDERFUL Book!!!!

I gave this book to my 13 year old sister when she started high school this year. This is an EXCELLENT book for adolescent/teen girls, even for adults (I am 25 and absolutely loved this book)! It has great advice & words of wisdom about self esteem, being true to yourself, and having the confidence to reach all your goals & believe in yourself. I would absolutely recommend this book to girls of ALL AGES! I would have given it 10 stars if I could!!
  A Phenomenal Book for a Phenomenal Little Girl

My 6-year old daughter LOVES this book so much that she literally REQUIRED me to purchase it (after keeping it checked out from the library for 3 months)! The book is empowering and has stories and poems for all different ages and sentiments. She enjoys reading the poems of empowerment aloud for all to hear whenever there is a guest or listening ear within range...I definitely recommend this book for any phenomenal girl that's on course to becoming a phenomenal woman!