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National Electrical Code 2002 Handbook (National Electrical Code Handbook)
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 087765462X
ISBN-13: 9780877654629
Publisher: NFPA (distributed by Delmar, Cengage Learning)
Release Date: December, 2001
Length: 1189 Pages
Weight: 6 pounds
Dimensions: 10.9 X 8.7 X 1.8 inches
Language: English

National Electrical Code 2002 Handbook (National Electrical Code Handbook)

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Customer Reviews
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List Price: $188.75
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Produced by the NFPA, the popular National Electrical Code (NEC) 2002 Handbook contains the complete text of the 2002 edition of the NEC supplemented by helpful facts and figures, full-color illustrations, real-world examples and expert commentary. An essential reference for students and professionals, this Handbook is the equiv...
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Customer Reviews

  Makes me feel smarter!

I am desk jockey who does electrical design work. I have little in-the-field electrical experience. I use the NEC codes frequently to make sure what I design is code-compliant. I have a copy of the standard 1999 NEC book and found many parts of it difficult to interpret. This new "handbook" version has answered all of the questions and uncertainties I had about the code. It has an illustration and explanation for just about every question I could think of. Even when I don't need a certain thing, I have found myself leafing through the book just to learn more.

I would recommend this to anyone, but especially engineer types or those who are inexperienced. I feel much more confident about my job and I don't have to ask electricans those questions that make you feel stupid anymore. Even master electricians will appreciate the explanations of code changes from the 1999 version. Overall, I can't recommend this book more, well worth the $50 or so more than the standard NEC book.

  exam prep or everyday reference

In many pursuits, timing is a key. Here in 2008, in my state, where I perform most (not all) of my work in the electrical trade, a journeyman's license exam is based on the 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC). I learned about the NEC Handbook, while I was gathering study materials in preparation for my exam. Of course, newer editions are in circulation; and a neighboring state where I also work and need a license, indicated that they base the exam on a later NEC edition. With those differences, the changes incorporated over three different series of the Code, it became a matter of budget for me, as well as ensuring I'd reviewed all the material. I was pleased, that with a little hunting, I found an earlier publication, used but in very good condition, in stock through Amazon. This NEC Handbook is well-written, with very clear illustrations, to clarify and amplify the minutiae (text and tables) that comprise the NEC. Everyone has a way by which they learn most effectively. For me, sometimes when certain concepts are illustrated, it helps me to better understand and apply a certain rule from the Code. I recommend this book!

  wrong merchandise

The book that was sent was the wrong one but, The dealer "PROMPTLY" refunded all the money and allowed me to keep the book! "NICE" The book I ordered was a scholastic reference book. The hard copy was higher priced, bulkier, and with too much extra reference material. But all the same the book worked and I'm happy with the cost of it, NOTHING!!! THANK YOU AMAZON
  Excellent !!

Received in time and in mint condition for its price. I am fully satisfied. Thanks.

If you hang around with fellow homeowners, there's a lot of water cooler conversation about various things, including the electrical code. This book just nails everything you ever wondered about, everything you haven't yet wondered about, and a few thousand things that you'll never need to know. Want to install a subpanel? Want to figure what gauge of cable to use to supply it? Want to know how to calculate the in^3 fill of a box? How deep to bury an underground cable? How to use raceways? That information totals about 1/4 of 1% of the contents of this book.