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Haunted America
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Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0812550544
ISBN-13: 9780812550542
Publisher: Tor Books
Release Date: August, 2006
Length: 576 Pages
Weight: 7.2 ounces
Dimensions: 6.7 X 4.4 X 1.3 inches
Language: English

Haunted America

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Haunted America takes you on a grand tour of ghostly hauntings through the U.S. and Canada, sweeping from terrifying battle-field specters at Little Bighorn to a vaudeville palace in Tampa, from ghostly apparitions in President Garfield's home in Ohio to the White House in Washington, DC.

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Customer Reviews

  A treat for anyone who loves horror stories!

If one story doesn't get your blood pumping then the next will! A book that you start reading and you cannot put down till you reach the end. It is created from a combination of actual events that have happened, or still is happening, and the legend behind the events that is researched from whatever documentation that could be found. By the end of the book you will be on the edge of your seat if not from the first story. It is very well written and entertaining for the horror lover that wants to get as close to fear as one can without actually witnessing the event. A great book to read for entertainment and will certainly make you think when you hear noises at night!
  It scared me to death!

This book scared me a lot. I really like this kind of stuff so I was really pleased with this book.
  A Great Book!

I am almost done reading "Haunted America". What I most appreciate was the extensive researches both the authors have done regarding this book.

The stories are engrossing and when you go to the last pages, you can find a bibliography in which you can find all the sites, pieces of journals, références, etc, about the researches done concerning the hauntings.

And, for me, this book was also very educational regarding the History of various places in U.S and Canada.

Yes, I read it at night and, not being particularly scared usually, I must admit I did 'Jumped' at times when hearing noises in the house. :)

I also like the fact that this book contains over 500 pages and deliver the reader with hours of enjoyement.

(I want to apologize for my autograph, 'french speaking', sorry for any mistake).

  One of the best books ever published

Haunted America by Beth Scott and Michael Norman was one of the most exciting and most interesting books I've ever read. It kept me on the edge of my chair ever time I read it. If you're looking for a great book and something that will scare you a little definitely buy this book.

"Haunted America" is a brilliant collection spine-tingling supposedly true ghost stories from all the corners of America. The best are the music room in Illinois and the mansion straight from the depths of hell in New Orleans. If you want a good scare read this book!