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Hot Money and Politics
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0771067070
ISBN-13: 9780771067075
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Release Date: February, 1987
Length: 463 Pages
Weight: 1.65 pounds
Dimensions: 9.4 X 6.4 X 1.6 inches
Language: English

Hot Money and Politics

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A ball of hot money rolls around the world. It seeks anonymity and political refuge. It dodges taxes and sidesteps currency controls. It rolls through offshore shell companies and secret bank accounts, phoney charities and fraudulent religious foundations. It is kept rolling by white-collar criminals, gun-runners, drug dealers, i...
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Customer Reviews

  Excellent, even if "grand unification" theme is suspect

This is a book every single US Senator and Representative should read.

The title derives from the reality that illicitly gotten funds create their own momentum as the funds are laundered throughout the world, creating interest, mayhem, and leaving 3rd world countries (preyed upon for weak financial regulations) struggling under massive debt they didn't really incur.