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The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking: Techniques and Recipes
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0688146112
ISBN-13: 9780688146115
Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks
Release Date: April, 1982
Length: 624 Pages
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Dimensions: 10 X 7 X 1.6 inches
Language: English

The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking: Techniques and Recipes

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There are many fine books on Chinese cooking. Among them, Barbara Tropp's the Modern Art of Chinese Cooking stands out for its grounding in the underlying philosophy of this sophisticated cuisine. Tropp explores the yin and yang, the harmony of opposites underlying all aspects of Chinese life. Relating them particularly to cookin...
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Customer Reviews

  Oh, the modern art of eating a tasty dumpling!

This book has transformed the way I eat dumplings. Extensive tidbits of personal preferences, stories, myths and taboos to enlighten the palate beyond just the food. Each recipe is explained extremely well, step-by-step. Further, her anecdotes about living in Taiwan are interesting and help fuel your personal cooking.

To fully appreciate the meals of this books, reading the first few chapters on equipment are invaluable! Her cleaver section is dynamite! I left the purchasing of a variety of cleavers to her, and just bought the one general cleaver she recommended! What a change it has made in my kitchen! Following her techniques and recommended equipment has made my Chinese cooking from an all day affair to a short, well orchestrated event.

5-stars because of the personal insight for each section and each recipe; excellent writing and editing; superb recipes (oh, the pork hunan dumplings are divine-especially when made into pot-stickers); easy to follow illustrations that are not complex or childish; and most of all-PRICE! Excellent value for the money!

  WOW! I'm cooking authentic chinese dishes and loving it!

Barbara Tropp is my hero! A year ago I became engaged to a lovely Taiwanese woman who expressed her desire not to become a full time cook just because she was married. This inspired me to try my hand at Chinese cooking. I began to research cook books determined to fine one written by an authentic Chinese chef. To my surprise, Barbara Tropp's name kept coming up in reviews and articles....I couldn't escape her name so I bought "The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking". It was important to me to learn "the real McKoy" because my bride-to-be would be my judge. I was completely surprized when Mary kept exclaiming over and over that "that's how they do it in restaurants back home" or "that's how my mom does it" and so on. The only draw back is that, now, to enjoy my favorite chinese dishes, I have to cook them myself. Our local Chinese restaurants do not serve most of the recipes in Ms. Tropp's book. She is clearly passionate about her subject. And as a result, so am I. This book not only teaches one how to prepair her dishes, it gives you background information surrounding them. The regions where they originated, when and how they are served. Additionally, if she make ANY changes to the original recipes, she tells you what they are. You are not only learning how to prepair delicious dishes. You are getting an education beyond the ingrediants making it possible to taylor your meals around your guests (if they happen to be Chinese). So! Now I have a new hobby which I enjoy because I'm learning to do it well, my fiance thinks I'm great because I cook for her, my friends are constantly inviting me to cook for their parties and Mary loves showing off my skills and insights to her Asian friends and aquaintences. I have enjoyed dozens of hours learning from this book and I have barely scratched the surface. I am so glad I found this site and I am happy to have an opportunity to express the joy I have had learning to cook Chinese food the Barbara Tropp way. Thanks Barbara! If your ever in the Dallas area, I would love to shake your hand. Sincerely, John Morrison.
  Authorative Authentic Chinese Cooking---In English!

As a Canadian of Asian descent, I grew up eating authentic Chinese food, even though I cannot read Chinese. I don't like my Chinese food "Westernized". Authentic Chinese food is my goal when cooking at home. THIS BOOK IS A GOD-SEND! It explains in fascinating detail the tools, techniques and very importantly, the INGREDIENTS used in Chinese cooking. The recipes include Ms. Tropp's own personal observations and many recipes have interesting stories attached. This makes the book very fun to read (although colour photos would make it even more fun). I am particularly impressed by Ms. Tropp's attention to detail and authenticity. When she does modify a recipe she clearly indicates this. This is definitely the best Chinese cookbook I've seen and I recommend it heartily. As a side note, I did not fully understand the movie, _Eat Drink Man Woman_ until I read Barbara Tropp's book. See the movie, then read the book! :-)
  More art than modern, more classic than China Moon.

I learned to cook from this book, and not just Chinese. Partly it's that Tropp shakes convention: I threw my wok away, learned to season fried rice with kosher salt instead of soy sauce, discovered that I didn't have to peel ginger. Partly it is that she works harder to make it easier for you to do the right things, and to understand what makes them right. And, of course, it's also because the results are just so damn good. Also, note that the emphasis here is on simple and hearty, not the nouvelle cuisine of her China Moon book and restaurant. And I did make the pilgrimage to her restaurant, but her best dishes are the ones that come out of my kitchen.
  Taught me basic Chinese cooking technique

I wanted one Chinese cookbook that would teach me all the basics of cooking.

This is it! (And I'm still learning.)

Ok, it's very time consuming. But it's worth it! I've even learned little hints that have helped me in all of my cooking! For instance, now I can bread and lightly fry or bake any item without it falling apart!