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Introduction to Mathematical Programming Applications and Algorithms (for Windows)
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Format: Spiral-bound
ISBN: 0534230474
ISBN-13: 9780534230470
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Release Date: January, 1997
Length: 832 Pages
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Dimensions: 10 X 8 X 1.4 inches
Language: English

Introduction to Mathematical Programming Applications and Algorithms (for Windows)

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Focusing on deterministic models, this book is designed for the first half of an operations research course. A subset of Winston's best-selling OPERATIONS RESEARCH, INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING offers self-contained chapters that make it flexible enough for one- or two-semester courses ranging from advanced beginning ...
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Customer Reviews

  something stinks

P>Totally useless information is pounded into your skull with solutions to less than a third of the problems.

Good luck with this one. If it wasn't required to buy, I never would.

  great, but the software doesn't work on windows 98/NT

That's it - it's a very informative and thorough book, but it's software only works on older Operating systems.
  It is not for self-study at all.

It is for intermediate students or professionals. So you must know some basic linear algebra although it provides some. You can not check your solutions because it does not provide solutions manual. I did not try it`s software. Good for OR. I found it`s instructor`s solutions manual ISBN: 0-534-230-490. You can find it (online). You can find it`s instructor`s manual from,, or So you can check your answers.
  Excellent for OR

This is a very didatic book for students who want to learn Operations Research. I read it and it was very important for me in college.