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College Algebra (4th Edition)
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 013311614X
ISBN-13: 9780133116144
Publisher: Pearson
Release Date: February, 1995
Length: 590 Pages
Weight: 4.4 pounds
Dimensions: 11 X 8.6 X 1.3 inches
Language: English

College Algebra (4th Edition)

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Customer Reviews
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List Price: $90.66
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Appropriate for courses in College Algebra at the Freshman/Sophomore level.


 Sobel and Lerner provide teachers with a teachable text and students with a readable text that will properly prepare them for future courses, particularly precalculus. The...
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Customer Reviews


It's agood book. I'm upset I only had it for 8 weeks and we rushed. The delievery was well planned, I just wish I hadn't had so much trouble with my credit card the first few (4) rounds.
  awesome service

order was not shipped the same day, so seller gave me a discount and I still received the book pretty quick. Great customer service. The book is in mint condition.
  Satisfied and Surprised

I was beyond satisfied and amazed with the order of this book. It was delivered 2 days after I purchased it and was in great condition. I ordered the book a few days before Christmas and was informed it wouldn't ship till the week after which I was fine with but it instead was delivered 2 days after purchase and before Christmas. The idea to purchase this was a great idea and overall I am happy to have made the choice to buy from this seller.

This book was just the right book that I needed for my college class and almost half the price. I received the book on time and in better condition than I had expected. Would definitely buy from this seller again!
  prolific problem sets

In his latest update of this text, Sullivan takes the reader through a high school or undergraduate level course in algebra. Though the title says "College", all of this material is also eminently do-able at the high school level, for advanced students, aspiring to major in maths or science. While at the university level, it appears to be targeting those students not majoring in maths, physical science or engineering.

Why? Because the dividing line is calculus. The book gives a good treatment of what you should know in maths, up to, but not including, calculus. It also has a chapter on probability. Which I don't think is usually considered part of algebra. But, pragmatically and correctly, Sullivan chose to include it.

The text has numerous examples, with only a little emphasis on a strict derivation of theorems. Another indication that it does not target a maths major. Sullivan gives informal explanations that should suffice to satisfy most readers.

Each chapter also has a prolific number of problems; around one hundred. Very suitable and convenient for a lecturer [you?] to assign as homework, since the book only supplies answers to half of these. Enough to keep your students happily [?] busy.